Title Signature Date Created Date Ended Event
My Custom Penguin Signature Mysig 10/24/13 10/26/13 None
One Day Signature This guy was here 10/26/13 10/26/13 None
? Sigcomingsoon Userpage Talkpage Sigcomingsoon 10/27/13 10/29/13 None
Herbert's Sig Jnk6 Font Herbert is coming Jnk6 Font 11/1/13 12/6/13 None
SPIN Smile spin Jnk6/Jnk9 Smile spin SPIN THE PIG! ? None None
Christmas Christmas Bells Jnk6/Jnk9 Christmas Bells 12/2/13 Unknown Christmas
Gravity Falls Smile spin Jnk6/Jnk9 Smile spin Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye! Unknown Unknown None
Blue Jnk6 Free Logos here! (talk) 12/27/13 2/1/14 None

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