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I knew Apj26 couldn't fall for that cake trap!
— Me when I see Apj26 eating cake

About me!

Hi and welcome to my user page! Feel free to explore my user page and post me a message on my talk page! I am a fan of Sonic, Mario, Spongebob and the Simpsons. This red button is dangerous!

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My friends on this wiki

Party penguin.jpg My 1st Anniversary

You are invited to C H U N K Y's 1st Anniversary party. All Info is available Here. Hope you can come!


250px-Me on Cp.jpg

My very own penguin!
Penguin's Name Duckegg7
Favorites Editing
Member? Yes
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Famous Penguins Met I've met Gary and Rockhopper
Date Joined Wiki October 5 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin Unknown, possibly July 2009
Admin? Not really
Male.svg JOEY310 is male.
Big ben.jpg JOEY310 resides in England.
FireNinja4.png JOEY310 is a Fire Ninja!
WaterNinja4.png JOEY310 is a Water Ninja!
EPF Logo.png
JOEY310 is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
Gary New Style.png JOEY310 has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!
Rockhopper real penguin new.png JOEY310 has seen Rockhopper! Arrr!!
Green Puffle.jpg JOEY310 loves puffles.
Chara sonic.gif
JOEY310 is the most dedicated Sonic lover in the whole entire World! Hail Sonic the Hedgehog!
Club-penguin-coins.jpg JOEY310 has unlocked a Coin Code! Whoa!
Hacker-Ninja.jpg BEWARE! JOEY310 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
GoogleG.png JOEY310 uses Google for their search engine.
Firefox.png JOEY310 uses the Firefox browser.
ORANGEpuff.png This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!
JOEY310 has a Black belt in the game Card Jitsu located in the Dojo. And they're gonna beat Sensei!
Membership Badge - Level 2.png WOOT! JOEY310 is a Level 2 Member on Club Penguin!


This user is from the Green Team!

Trollface Dis usah eez da no. 1 troll!
Active! This user is very active!
Pirateposter2.png Arrg! this user is a pirate!
Club Penguin.jpg JOEY310 plays Club Penguin!
:( JOEY310 wished he/she played Penguin Chat 3!!!
Mario rules!
This user is a mario fan!.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red.png JOEY310 has a Red Puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Black.png JOEY310 has a black puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Yellow.png JOEY310 has a yellow puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Orange.png JOEY310 has an orange puffle.
Operation Puffle Post Game Interface Puffe Image Green.png JOEY310 has a green puffle .
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Purple.png JOEY310 has a purple puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Pink.png JOEY310 has a pink puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card White.png JOEY310 has a white puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Rainbow.png JOEY310 has a Rainbow Puffle .
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Brown.png JOEY310 has a brown puffle.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue.png JOEY310 has a blue puffle.
New Spyhpone 1.png This user completed 123kitten2's mission, Answer the Call.
Spongebob-squarepants.png JOEY310 is a fan of SpongeBob Squarepants
JOEY310 is an old penguin.
JOEY310 is a Windows 7 User.
Smile spin.gif This user has autism
JOEY310 is Catholic.
Red music note.png JOEY310 likes to listen to music while editing the Club Penguin Wiki.
Chara sonic.gif
JOEY310 likes Sonic's Club Penguin Blog! Please visit SCPB to see it for yourself!

PartyStartsLogo.png The Party Starts NOW, when JOEY310 waddles in! Turn the music loud for an epic win! JOEY310 has seen The Party Starts Now.

JOEY310 has seen the episode The Party Starts Now, and has witnessed dancing, special effects, power outages, and mascots.

Penguin Play Award.PNG This user has mastered Dps04's 2011 Quiz Part 1! Sensei is proud of him/her!
Cake.png This user loves cake!
Pokeball.png This user likes Pokemon, Gotta catch 'em all!
Pookiegurl.png This user LOVES pookies.
Silver Award clothing icon ID 5216.png JOEY310 found JWPengie's Secret Page 2! They are 1,000% EPIC!
Rh vs squid.png Avast, Yarr! It be fair winds today! JOEY310 has seen Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Captain Rockhopper Versus The Mighty Squid, and has witnessed squids, pirate puffles, funerals, and kiddie fights.

Cool in the Cold 1.png It's cool, cool, cool, out in the cold, and it's fun, fun, fun, covered in snow, JOEY310's here, it's that time of the year... JOEY310 has seen Cool In The Cold.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Cool In The Cold, and has witnessed Frost Bites, ice skating, dancing, and auras.

Puffle Trouble logo.png And now the final step, arm the detonator... JOEY310 has seen Puffle Trouble.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Puffle Trouble, and witnessed the poking, detonators, soda, bears, crabs, and puffles.

NWASS Screen.png Never wake a sleeping Sensei EVER! JOEY310 has seen Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei, and witnessed the pizza, ninjas, sleepwalking, cliffs, teamwork, and other stuff.

Bestseatinhousescreen.png I'm at the movie! JOEY310 has seen Best Seat in the House.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Best Seat in the House, and witnessed the polar bears, jet packs, cell phones, movies, and puffles.

GhostsJustWannaDance2.png When the shadows spin, JOEY310'll be joinin' in, but first, they gotta find the key... JOEY310 has seen Ghosts Just Wanna Dance.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Ghosts Just Wanna Dance, and has witnessed dancing, ghosts, haunted houses, and secret doors.

SavetheIsland!11.png You have your orders! JOEY310 has seen Save The Island.

JOEY310 has seen the episode Save The Island, and has witnessed capturing of inventors, buildings exploding, lasers, and maniacal laughter.

Eatme.png Vandals, BEWARE! This user will eat you alive. Literally..

My very own flag.png

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