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Reminder: JWPengie's Awesome Stories is ended. Feel free to look at all the stories though.

Chicken Puffle JAS Club

The JWPengie's Awesome Stories Club is a club of users that help JWPengie's Awesome Stories, such as starring in the story's pictures, or helping with ideas.
How to Join

  1. Ask me on my talkpage or chat, and give me an idea for a story. Any idea that you think would be an awesome story in JAS. If I like the idea, you're on trial.
  2. Come to the next story "filming". If you do a good job, you're in! If you don't, you're not in, and you're off trial. If you don't come to a story filming within a month after you're put on trial, you're not in.
  3. If you do a really awesome job, or come to almost every filming, I might even promote you.
  • You can see all members of the club here!!

Bear Costume PC Subscribe

How to Subscribe

  1. Add the code above to your talk page. All it does is add your name to my subscribers list so nothing will show up on your talk page.
  2. When a new story comes out, a message will be sent to each sub's talk page, providing a link to the story.
  • You can see a list of subscribers here.
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