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This penguin is meetable
Penguin's Name Penguina0101
Member? Yes(Level 3)
First Pin Puffle-O
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper
Date Joined Wiki September 2010
Date Joined Club Penguin Feb 1st 2009
Admin? No

About my Penguin

My penguin is called Penguina0101(the a makes it sound like a girl BUT I'M A BOY:P) Right now I am a member. I did get Celebration stamp, but it seems like I logged off when I got it(or something like that)
I emailed club penguin about the Three Little Islands and they confirmed they don't have a reason for them.I had suggested them being Card-Jitsu places and they said it's a great idea. All answers still can't be revealed.
I believe that the Club Penguin River(see Waterfall) flows how it says it does, but after the Outback Pond it goes to the Underground (room) from Norman Swarm has been Transformed, as the Stage is close to the Mine where the the Hidden Lake and Underwater.All answer still can't be revealed.

My Puffles

Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Yellow Jammiedodger123 has a yellow puffle named BillyBob.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card White Jammiedodger123 has a white puffle named Winter.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Orange Jammiedodger123 has an orange puffle named Goofy.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Red Jammiedodger123 has a Red Puffle named Sparkles.
Operation Puffle Post Game Interface Puffe Image Green Jammiedodger123 has a green puffle  named Jet.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Black Jammiedodger123 has a black puffle named Fire.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Purple Jammiedodger123 has a purple puffle named Disco Bubble.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Pink Jammiedodger123 has a pink puffle named Loop.
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Blue Jammiedodger123 has a blue puffle named Omega.

=== I am... and I've got... ===
I am a Former PSA Agent
I am a EPF Agent
I am a Tour Guide
I am a Ninja
I am a Fire Ninja
18px-Yes check.svg is Yes 18px-X mark.svg is No
Rockhopper Stamp18px-X mark.svg(I got reported for no reason when I saw him because apparently I hacked getting it)
Gary stamp18px-X mark.svg
Cadence stamp18px-X mark.svg
Penguin Band 1 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Penguin Band 2 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Penguin Band 3 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Penguin Band 4 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Aunt Arctic stamp18px-X mark.svg
Snack Shack stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Celebration stamp18px-X mark.svg
Happy Room stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Party Puzzle stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Target Champion stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Monster Mash stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Scavenger Hunt stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Stage Crew stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Underground stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Snapshot stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Go Swimming stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Clock Target stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Field Agent stamp18px-Yes check.svg
183 Days! stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Going Places stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Dance Party stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Igloo Party stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Coffee Server stamp18px-X mark.svg
Pizza Waiter stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Special Agent stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Special Forces stamp18px-Yes check.svg
365 Days! stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Floor Filler stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Full House stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Play It Loud! stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Berg Drill! stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Fort Battle stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Hockey Team stamp18px-X mark.svg
Elite Protector stamp18px-X mark.svg
Soccer Team stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Party Host stamp18px-X mark.svg
Ninja Meeting stamp
Island Guardian stamp18px-X mark.svg
Lift Off stamp18px-X mark.svg
Fuel Rank 1 stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Puffle Pilot stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Jet Pack 5 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Crash! stamp18px-X mark.svg
Fuel Rank 2 stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Fuel Rank 3 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Fuel Rank 4 stamp18px-X mark.svg
Fuel Rank 5 stamp
1-Up Leader stamp18px-X mark.svg
Puffle Bonus stamp18px-X mark.svg
Kerching! stamp18px-X mark.svg
Fuel Command stamp18px-X mark.svg
Fuel Wings stamp18px-Yes check.svg
1-Up Captain stamp18px-X mark.svg
Puffle Plus stamp18px-X mark.svg
Ace Pilot stamp18px-X mark.svg
Puffle Boost stamp18px-X mark.svg
Squid Spotter stamp18px-X mark.svg
Aqua Puffle stamp18px-Yes check.svg
Soda Success stamp18px-X mark.svg Pearl Capture
Astro5 Max
Ship Blast
1-Up Blast
Astro Secret
Astro10 Max
Astro 1-Up
First Trick
Puffle Surfin'
Easy Flip
Easy Tube
Easy Grind
Easy Spin
Podium Puffle
Flip Star
Easy Jump
Super Grind
1 Coin Bag
3 Coin Bags
6 Coin Bags
Ice Bonus
Mission 1 Medal
Aunt Arctic Letter
Mission 2 Medal
G's Letter
Mission 3 Medal
Thank You Card
Mission 4 Medal
Handy Award
Mission 5 Medal
Pizza Box
Mission 6 Medal
Mission 7 Medal
Mission 8 Medal
Cool Gift
Mission 9 Medal
Chocolate Box
Mission 10 Medal
Employee Award
Mission 11 Medal

My Pins

Rockhopper Key
Puffle O's
Chocolate Bunny
King's Crown
Ice Cream Sundae
Safari Hat
Dojo Lantern
Beach Umbrella
Toy Sailboat
Sand Castle
Koi Fish
Cotton Candy
101 Days of Fun
4th Anniversary Cake
Hot Chocolate
Christmas Bell
Moss Key
Candy Apple
Fair Ticket
Gold Feather

Online Card Jitsu Cards

Cart Surfer x3(3 Fire Version)
Landing Pad
Pizza Chef
Construction Worker
Gift Shop x2
Rescue Squad
Pet Shop
Ski Hill
Snowball Fight
Emerald Princess
Manhole Cover
Newspaper Archives
Ice Fishing
Black Puffle x2
Medieval Party
Blue Puffle
Pink Puffle
Green Puffle
Yellow Puffle
Klutzy the Crab
Herbert P. Bear
Hot Sauce x2
Snow Castle
Christmas Carols
Beta Party
Hidden Items
Secret Agent
Space Adventure
Tour Guide
Sled Racing

My offline Card-Jitsu Cards

My offline Club Penguin items

Blue puffle keyring
Blue Plush Puffle
White Plush Puffle
Black Plush Puffle
Green Plush Puffle
Jester Plush Penguin
King Plush Penguin
Bee Plush Penguin
Black Puffle T-Shirt
Card-Jitsu Cards
Card Jitsu Collector Binder

Parties I've visited

Non Member Parties:
Puffle Party 2009
Penguin Play Awards 2009
Medieval Party 2009
5th Anniversary Party
Member Parties:
Adventure Party
Music Jam 2009
Festival of Flight
The Fair 2009
4th Anniversary Party
Halloween Party 2009
Winter Party/Great Snow Maze
Holiday Party 2009
Cave Expedition
Puffle Party 2010
Penguin Play Awards 2010
April Fools' Day Party 2010
Earth Day 2010
Medieval Party 2010
Popcorn Explosion
Adventure Party 2010
Music Jam 2010
Mountain Expedition
NonMember/Member Parties:
The Fair 2010
Halloween Party 2010

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