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About Me

Hi, my name is Emma and I started playing Club Penguin on February 29th, 2012. I know a lot about Club Penguin and joined the Wiki to share my knowledge! My friends suggested I start playing Club Penguin, so I created my penguin and began to explore the island. Soon, though, we became sick of not being able to buy clothes, decorate Igloos, and access cool rooms with rare and exclusive items, so we bought 3 Month Membership Cards and expanded our knowledge by being able to access more.

Winter958 Membership

My favorite games are Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, Ice Fishing, Dance Contest, and DJ3K. My favorite foods are Beef Sticks, Beef Jerky, Spaghetti, Snow Peas, and Pizza. My favorite season is Winter, and my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love to draw, play video games and play Club Penguin, and I was born on April 3rd.

About my Penguin

My penguin's name is Winter958, and I'm a 1-month member as of now. I have nine Puffles, one that is Blue named Bubble, one that is Red named Fireball,one that is Green named Jelly Bean, one that is Yellow named Sunshine, one that is Orange named Tangerine, one that is Purple named Lolz, one that is Pink named Strawberry, one that is Black named Shadow, one that is White named Frost, and one that is Brown named Cookie. I do not have any rare items as of now, except for a 7th Year Party Hat.

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Fraud Warnings

Warning: Some people like to copy me, and so do my friends! Please always watch for my name. If someone is being a fraud, don't do anything to them, just ignore. If they are being rude or cursing, please report them. And remember, most frauds are rude or mean and try to make me look bad! Remember, I would never say anything rude, so if I say something rude or curse, there is a hacker about. Please do not copy me, and do not listen to frauds who make me look rude! ~ Winter958/Jelly Bubble

Reply Rules

Hello, everyone! If you comment on a blog post, I will gladly reply! However, some of you will not receive replies if you do rude or mean things. To get a reply, comments must not:

  • Have swears/mean or hurtful things in them.
  • Go against others. I want everyone to feel included, so comments against other people (Example: Anti-Pookie Comments) will not receive replies.
  • Anything illegal/terrible or bad. I do not comment on those, as rude things may get me banned and I would never reply to rudeness, and illegal things can get you arrested, so I would never respond to something illegal, as I would never do anything illegal.

Note: Mods will always receive replies unless not wanted.

Game Scores

  • Smoothie Smash- 1,670
  • Aqua Grabber- 75 Coins

Pin Tracker

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Extra Penguin

Hey, everyone! I actually have an extra penguin that I use frequently, so be on the lookout for it! It's name is Cloverpoppop. I have 6,361 coins, items available from the Medieval Party 2012 up to now, and two puffles, a Red one named Fireball, and a Blue one named Bubble! I created this penguin shortly before the Medieval Party (when you could see the construction).


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