• I live in Canada
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Computer Scientist
  • I am Male
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Full Name Jerramy50
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position EPF Agent, Blogger, Scientist, Technology Specialist
Appeared  ?
Color Yellow
Clothes Items Beaker Costume, Designer Glasses,

The Han Solo, Brown Sandals, Laptop

Related To Marcusdg1
Friends With Gary, Rookie, Aunt Arctic, PH
Meetable Character? Yes

Jerramy50 is a Club Penguin Blogger who has his own blog, titled "Jerramy50's Club Penguin Blog", which he founded in October of 2015. Jerramy's brother, Marcusdg1 is also a blogger who has his own blog as well. He is a fairly active user on Club Penguin who usually attends most of the parties/events, and let's not forget, writes about them on his blog! He currently resides in Canada with his two cats. Check out his blog at:


  • Jerramy50 is notable for wearing three clothing items. The Han Solo, Designer Glasses, and Beaker Costume, a lab coat with a tie.
  • He is known to be similar to Gary, an EPF Agent, a Technology Specialist, and a Scientist.
  • Jerramy50 is known to be fond of Hot Sauce and has one Red Puffle, whom he named Hot Sauce.
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