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Raven Hood Down

Raven, My Favourite Teen Titans Character!

I am a normal user on this wiki.

About me

I'm a dude that lives in the UK that has twitter and have a blog linked with CP. I've played CP for 2 years, and try to play it every day.

About my Penguin, Jkm5

My penguin is Jkm5, who is 2 years old, He joined the day of the bell pin coming out, thats a bit weird, huh? so if you meet me on cp, say hi to me and I'll add you.

About my penguin, Jalen200

Jalen200 was not offically mine until someone gave it away, I was the lucky person to get the penguin, made in, 2006/07 around those years, No party hats, doesn't go on a lot, because I got Jkm5, who's got more items, and is a member. So I just don't go on HER as much.

My Favourite things on Club Penguin

  • Favourite Mod That Quit: Rsnail
  • Favourite Mod: Gizmo
  • Favourite item: Afro wig
  • Favourite puffle (don't tell my other puffles): Black
  • Favourite Party: Music Jam or Puffle Party
  • Favourite Famous penguin: Franky (first famous penguin I met.)
  • Favourite thing to do off CP: Draw things about CP
  • Favourite Pin: Black Puffle Pin
  • Favourite stamp: Franky, Be in the same room as Franky
  • Favourite Friend: User:Roger6881
  • Favourite Server: Sleet, Grizzly.
  • Favourite Room: Dock, Coffee Shop.
  • Favourite Infamous penguin: Saraapril


  • Favourite TV Show: Teen Titans
  • Favourite Game: James Bond

Friends with on CP Wki

  • Awesome335: For being really motivational.
  • Roger: For being a great friend.
  • Penguin Pal: Just being a friend.
  • Sdgfsgfs: For taking me in and making me feel comfortable.

My favorite pages

My contributions


  • Jkm5 (Aug 11th-5th Feb)
  • Jkm5, The PEACE MAKER! (Feb 6th-Feb 14th)
  • Jkm5, The Photographer. (Feb 14th-Feb 27th)
  • Jkm5, The AWESOME! (Feb 27th-Mar 18th)
  • Better Watch out, Prank King is coming for you! (Mar 18th-May 5th)
  • Jkm5 (May 5th-June 4th)
  • RavenFan1 (June 4th-???)


Club Penguin and Blogging made me think about virtual worlds. I thought of 2. Club Puffle (Which is not allowed, I asked CP first) and Hedgehog hideout. I'm not gonna go into details though.


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