• I live in USA
  • I was born on April 4
  • I am Male


My outfit with scraggy
Penguin's Name Sunshine0405
Favorites Black Puffle,Cat Puffle,Pizza
Member? Yes.Level 2
First Pin Mermaid Shell Pin
Famous Penguins Met Gary the Gadget Guy Aunt Arctic Rookie Kermit the Frog Sensei Herbert P. Bear
Date Joined Wiki December 27th, 2013
Date Left Wiki Not left yet
Date Joined Club Penguin October 16th,2011
Admin? Wish I was

This is my userpage.No bad comments please.

Try finding my secret page.

Black puffles rule
— Kanpo1

Hello, I am kanpo1. You must be <insert name here>. Nice to meet you. See about me, about my penguin,my favourite pages and userboxes. I created the second page in favourite pages.BTW plz visit my wiki, the kanpo1 wiki. Just search it on google! ;)

For visiting my page you get a free template. $ E=MC2 $

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I really want to be a

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Party Hard

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  1. Ballono
  2. P-P
  3. AU
  4. Titanium
  5. Sonic
  6. TNK
  7. Fire
  8. RedidyRed

Im banned!

This user is currently banned from chat. The latest chat ban log entry is provided below for reference:

  • 10:06, July 07, 2020 Penguin-Pal (Talk | contribs) banned Kanpo1 (Talk | contribs) from chat with an expiry time of Never (Account creation disabled) (For loving Black Puffles)

About me

Hello, I'm kanpo1 and I really like Club Penguin. I really love black puffles and am a member.I also love Black dino puffles. I made my 1,00th edit on June,9th 2014.

About my Penguin

My penguin's name is sunshine0405 and I am a member. I have a 5 black puffles , a black dino puffle and a cat puffle. I have more than 300 items in my inventory. I also play a CPPS called Flippr created by GN and SandorL and also play mirai. I am awesome.



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