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About me

  • I'm afraid of heights
  • I hate spiders, snakes and clowns
  • I love my flute
  • I finally have a signature

About my Penguin

My penguin is just new and i had a test penguin called Rocky something I forgot. All the penguins I create are always pink. And I have a signature look. My signature look is me wearing a hard hat (the old hard hat) and the friendship bracelet. And I always go to igloo parties. And if i get bored I leave and then find school igloos. And when I find a school igloo, I stay there as long as I want. I always get new friends every time I play Club Penguin. Every penguin knows that i'm a Club Penguin fan. And there is one favorite buddy I like .


This is gonna be the best day ever!!
I speak in internet slang.


My Friends

  • Alabama67 (2nd BFF)
  • Clover the Boomerang Bird (BFF)
  • Happy65
  • Wasp125
  • Apj26
  • Ibetatester
  • Penguin-Pal AKA P-P

My favorite pages

My templates

Kiara655 is female.
Userpaint.png This user draws fan art about Club Penguin!
Yukon falling.png This user is afraid of heights.
Club Penguin.jpg Kiara655 plays Club Penguin!
EPF Logo.png
Kiara655 is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
Allpufflespecies.png This user is a Puffle Lover!
Penguin Band card.png Kiara655 has unlocked a Card-Jitsu code! Use the force!
Membership Badge.PNG Kiara655 has passed Clamshot's quiz!!
Google Chrome Logo.png Kiara655 uses the Google Chrome Internet browser.
7114 icon.png This User has seen Dubstep Puffle in the Dock, Town, and Ski Hill, who made an appearance every 10 minutes!

My Puffles

I don't have any puffles at my iggy but I want one. Thats all I got for today.



  • This player likes Franky
  • This player rarely says "By the looks of my templates, I'm a GIRL NOT A BOY"
  • This player is a pink love
  • This player loves to watch shake it up