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My name's Konnichiku. I was once User:Carmencecille13, User:Rosytherascal, User:Built-in plug drive, and User:AbigailF (that last one being named after my friend.) I was a mainstay on Club Penguin throughout the years since I was six going on seven in 2009. I have an account on Club Penguin Rewritten too. And I haunt CPPSes. Just like I've done since I was 9 or 10.

My husbandos are Cyborg of the Justice League and his arch-nemesis Grid.


About my Penguin

Dantycup16 lasted from 2009-2015; she was banned forever due to an attempt to revive the Purple Republic. Danty did nothing special though. Sure, she met Gary, Rockhopper, and Cadence, though those were the only Famous Penguins she ever met. So yeah she was a weirdo penguin. Sonic fan and all during the OG days of late 2009 and all of 2010. Immediately after Danty was banned, I created a new penguin named Dugyu82. This was the penguin I tipped the Iceberg at the Waddle On Party with. If only Danty was still alive around then, she would've loved to see her and her brother Matt28's lifelong dream come true. Dugyu didn't do anything cool and never met any Famous Penguins. On CPPSes, I like to use the name Touhoufan8. However, on at least one CPPS, I've taken the handle Gaia.

My favorite memories of Club Penguin

  • Me and my brother coming across a penguin named Alphawaddle who advertised a hospital at his igloo. We went, and it was absolutely hilarious; penguins were saying "HEART STOPS" and whatnot. Even today, we sometimes still quote it.
  • My brother and I (I think it could've been just me) on the set of a Club Penguin music video (remember those?) for Flo Rida's "Right Round." It was in the Ski Village, and a penguin was at the bottom of the screen singing the chorus of the song. We didn't make it in the video because we were too far away, and I doubt I can find the video on YouTube, if it was even uploaded.
  • Lallygagging in the Town during the Halloween Party 2012 minding my own business when suddenly I get a stamp that congratulated me for meeting Gary. I look up and I see a horde of penguins following Gary, and I got his background and all. But that's not it. Later on, like a few days or weeks later, I happen to wander into the Forest, and I find Gary standing in front of the Haunted Mansion. Like, no other people were with him, it was just him alone and I was the only other penguin in the room. I proceeded to follow Gary around for the rest of the day along with the eventual huge crowd.
  • Waiting for the limo Cadence was in during the Hollywood Party to pull up for what seemed like hours. I eventually got to meet her and got her background.
  • On a day when the Migrator was docked on the Island, I decided to walk aboard, and who do I see but Rockhopper. With a bunch of penguins. Everybody was screaming "TELL ME A STORY ROCKHOPPER" and I believe it was the end of his "shift." (I think this was one of the Puffle Parties. Puffle Party 2015?)
    • I think I saw him again another time but I don't clearly remember it. I think I was the only one screaming "tell me a story" that time.
  • Finally completing Operation: Blackout and seeing Aunt Arctic as the Director of the EPF. I was totally blown away by it yet I totally knew she was the Director the entire time.
  • E-mailing Club Penguin asking if they could change the interior of the Night Club to how it appeared in Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam. A few months (or maybe a year?) later, it happened. (I kinda regret it now.)
    • I sent some odd e-mails to the site back in the day. Like asking if Cadence and the Penguin Band were dead because they were ghosts in "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance."
  • Just generally hanging out with my brother (and some of his friends) on the site.
  • Coming across a penguin (I think my brother was there too) named clickthepony. He yelled "ARRRGH" at one point, which I found hilarious and always remember. (if he had only said "URRRAAAAAAAGHH!")
  • Being in the Dance Lounge with a penguin named TheJoker14. I don't know if we interacted or not, I liked the name for some reason and it stuck with me. (And now, funnily enough, I'm a Batman fan.)
  • Wanting to have a "Game show at my igloo; great prizes, great fun!" thanks to a comic I read in the book Club Penguin Comics: Volume 1. I went so far as to even dress as the penguin hosting the "game show" in the comic.
    • Funny thing is, on CP Rewritten today (July 1st, 2020) someone was having "trivia" at their igloo. I didn't get to go but now looking back, I wish I went because it's literally a game show at their igloo. Maybe I would've went if they dressed the way the penguin did in the comic.
  • Having the Club Penguin guidebook and just wondering when the hell that new location they teased at the end would come on the Island.
  • Getting the Cadence card in Card-Jitsu. I laughed for a good whole minute at the animation and told my brother to use it again.
  • Playing Pizzatron 3000 a lot; I was good at it and I kinda liked the music.
  • Loving the crap out of "Let's Bounce!" in Dance Contest.
  • Telling my brother to go in the Night Club when I was first introduced to Club Penguin. I later came back to see him playing Thin Ice. Then he told me, "That game was in the Night Club." Thin Ice soon became one of my favorite minigames.
  • When I started becoming a Sonic fan, going up to penguins with "Sonic" in their names and throwing the heart icon at them, as if to say "I love that you're a fan of Sonic too!"
  • Freaking out when the Orange, White and Rainbow Puffles were confirmed.
    • On another note, I remember there being a video on how to get a Beta Puffle. It was obviously fake, but the sight of there being a Beta Hat striped Puffle named "Cedric Bot" who'd ran away cracked me up.
  • Meeting a Beta Tester, wearing his hat, named 4th Beta sometime in October 2012.
  • Reading Lime Green Dojo Clean and My Puffle for the first time.
  • For some reason, one day I was all "Let's play Star Wars" and trying to reenact a Star Wars scene. This was way before Lucasfilm got bought by Disney, and before I was even into Star Wars; I only knew the scene I was reenacting because it was parodied in Toy Story 2.
  • On CP Rewritten back in November, just hanging out in the Pizza Parlor hating on Future Sara (Toonami reference) and singing Hanna-Barbera theme songs. Just good fun all around.



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