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The Contributions of LB22

Hey! I am LB22. I am normally on the British Sherbet server, and on everyday. I am not very old there, but I know a lot as many people at school babble about it!! If you wish to find me there, I am normally green with a scarf, and working either in the Pizza Parlour or Coffee Shop.

Penguin Thoughts

This is the area that I will adding a daily thought for my penguin. Also, I would love it if you could put your thoughts here! I like hearing what everyone else thinks!

My hobbies

Well, I like a lot of things! But here is a list. So, in no particular order...

  1. Club Penguin (obviously!)
  2. Formula 1-The best sport ever. I have my own wiki on it! !!

My penguins

I am normally on as LBtwenty2 but you may see me as:

  • Greenie001- the founder of the Greenie club
  • Greenie022- Deputy!

My friend from the CPWiki

My best friend here is Barkjon cos he made me the most welcome here and listens to what I have to say. I am also good mates with:

About Me

  • I am 12 years old!
  • I live in England
  • Time zone is GMT or GMT+1hr in DST
  • See me on Sherbet at 12:00pm PST on weekdays and 3:00am on weekends!
  • I go on the British server!
  • I saw Rockhopper!!!!!

LB22's CP Announcements

What do you want, the good or fantastic news first. I will start with the good news. That is that CP is working again!!! The fantastic news is that I am staying! After all that thought, I came to a conclusion that I should help out and not hide away. Besides, there are some really good people here, notably Barkjon, who has persuaded me out of leaving and is a really good friend

Warm Regards


My Friends on CP

  • Melalia01-a friend in real life
  • StuffyGlove-lives near me
  • 16mileyrox-a great friend who always helps me out.

Sorry if I forgot you!

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