aka Malamar

  • I live in Never tell a secret
  • My occupation is I don't tell you everything. heheeh
  • I am A Dark and Phsycic type

My Penguin

Penguin's Name Jacksooby
Favorites Bat costume
Member? yes
First Pin Super Hero Pin
Famous Penguins Met Cadence, G, Rookie, and the Penguin band
Date Joined Wiki February 21, 2014
Date Joined Club Penguin May 2012
Admin? Nope

My penguin's name is Jackscooby and I have been on club penguin for two years and has adopted every kind of puffle( Well not every kind there will be more types of puffles). My penguin uses standard chat and has met Candence, Rookie' The Penguin Band, and Gary. You will see my penguin on Zipline, Blizzard, And Ice berg. I hope this page is helpful to you Waddle On!

My favorite pages

SnowNinja3 Lavaguy64 is a Snow Ninja!
Membership Badge Lavaguy64 is a Member on Club Penguin! Wow, look at this badge!

Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Orange Lavaguy64 has an orange puffle.
WaterNinja4 Lavaguy64 is a Water Ninja!
FireNinja4 Lavaguy64 is a Fire Ninja!
SnowNinja3 Lavaguy64 is a Snow Ninja!
PartyStartsNowFull4 The Party Starts Now because Lavaguy64 completed the first part of JWPengie's Second Quiz!!!

Ninjago 2014 Title Lavaguy64 is a fan of LEGO Ninjago and Legends of Chima.
Rookie stamp Lavaguy64 has obtained Rookie's Stamp!

Let's Talk About MIXELS

Hey everyone did you hear Cartoon Network is adding a new TV show that is called Mixels. Now you maybe asking what are Mixels? Mixels are colorful creatures in tribes of three who can combine to do much more! When two Mixels mix together it's a mix one Mixel is the body while the other gives it a power boost. When three Mixels mix it's a max. A Max Mixel is a giant Mixel who has all the powers of each Mixel in that tribe. Now here is another kind of creature in Mixels it is called a Nixel. Nixels can tear apart almost anything in there path include a Max Mixel! So now that you heard about Nixels you have been warned.

                           (Look Down)

All cartoons meet

All Cartoons Meet!

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