aka George

  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on January 10
  • I am Male

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Rule the Stars!
Penguin's Name Lazer085
Favorites Galactic Officer's Cap
Galactic Officer's Uniform
Galactic Officer's Boots
Member? Yes
First Pin Puffle Wagon
Famous Penguins Met Cadence (1 times), Herbert P. Bear (0 time), Gary (2 times), Aunt Arctic (1 times), Penguin Band (2 time)
Date Joined Wiki 21 May 2009
Date Joined Club Penguin 25 April 2008
Admin? Yes
Long live the Empire!
— Lazer085 before the Death Stra blows up into quadrillion
Lazer085's current player card
3088p 0c 2b

Who am I?

I'm a "ROBLOX" Developer & Child Safety CEO Adviser, I work for the facility against cyber bullying and our team try to prevent such actions by the rogue Users.

About my Penguin

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Where do I come from?

My name is George, I was born in Singapore and raised in the United Kingdom, until 9, returning back to Singapore for 4 more years, and then returning to the United Kingdom.

My contributions

I'm a "ROBLOX" Child Safety provider, Only going to share this right here due to low profile, I am an undercover "ROBLOX" Agent, searching to stop Cyber-bullying and to provide a "A7"+ Friendly community for the "ROBLOX" Forums, Games, Comments, ETC.

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