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  • I live in Amongst the hype of the smash bros. fans
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Delivering anger to all the Ridley fanboys! (seriously get lost)
  • I am Pixelated Male

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Custard the evil bird clone
The new me

Never met Custard on chat?Then your tyres are flat!
Penguin's Name Yellowlump
Favorites Clubpenguin
Member? Yes.
First Pin Gingerbread Man Pin
Famous Penguins Met All mascots except Sensei and PH.
Date Joined Wiki August 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin December 22nd 2008
Admin? No.

1)Read my AMAZING blogs!

2)My Userpage just had a major upgrade!

3)I am Wearing a EPF suit! :P

Hi I am Custard the evil bird clone! I am not so evil but i just like the name (Unless your reading my Custard and the evil clone story of course) :) I am one of the NEWEST chat moderators on this wiki! I LOVE keeping this wiki safe from rule-breakers! (I am also on chat EVERY day and if I'm not it will be cuz I'm on holiday or something,but I would tell you that in a blog ;) ) Got any questions? Feel free to ask me! :D This is my newest userpage. What do you think? I joined Club Penguin in 2008 by finding it on accident while researching facts about penguins! My friend had recommended it to me already so I thought I'd try it. My life changed. On December 22nd 2013, my penguin (Yellowlump) turned 5. To celebrate this (although a bit late) I am going to write a MASSIVE story involving well...7 lumps. ;)

This account will no longer be in use as of August 13th 2015, instead I will be using

Never met Custard on chat?Then your tyres are flat!

My autographed backgrounds

My auto graphed backgrounds in the order I got them are as follows: Gary's 2nd autographed background (Halloween 2010), Aunt Arctic's Marvel party background (Marvel Superhero takeover 2012), Penguin band's newest background (Construction of Make your mark:Ultimate Jam), Cadence's newest background (Make your mark:Ultimate Jam), Rocky and CeCe's background (Make your mark:Ultimate Jam), Rockhopper's tropical background (Adventure party:Temple of fruit 2012), Rookie's box dimension background (The Fair 2012), Gary's new halloween background (Halloween Party 2012). I will try to get more backgrounds! Till then,waddle on!

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