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hello everyone, i'm lo8sters! i play club penguin and animal jam. (hence why i'm on both wikis)

and that's really all i have to say (i'm not really good with introductions haha), i'll add info about my penguin later.

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Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
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COMPLETE.gif Lo8sters Completed CHUNKY'S Quiz!
Club Penguin.jpg Lo8sters plays Club Penguin!
Allpufflespecies.png This user is a Puffle Lover!
EPF Logo.png
Lo8sters is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
Happy Dancing Penguin.PNG Lo8sters loves Penguins!
Puffle Care Icons Pizzapepperoni.png This user Loves pizzas!!!!
Nintendo 3DS.png Lo8sters owns a Nintendo 3DS!
Aunt arctic 2013.png Lo8sters has seen Aunt Arctic!
RookieHawaiianShirt.PNG Lo8sters has seen Rookie!
Rockhopper real penguin new.png Lo8sters has seen Rockhopper! Arrr!!
USFlag.png This user is American.
Google Chrome Logo.png Lo8sters uses the Google Chrome Internet browser.
NWASS Screen.png Never wake a sleeping Sensei EVER! Lo8sters has seen Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei.

Lo8sters has seen the episode Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei, and witnessed the pizza, ninjas, sleepwalking, cliffs, teamwork, and other stuff.

Rh vs squid.png Avast, Yarr! It be fair winds today! Lo8sters has seen Captain Rockhopper vs. Mighty Squid.

Lo8sters has seen the episode Captain Rockhopper Versus The Mighty Squid, and has witnessed squids, pirate puffles, funerals, and kiddie fights.

Puffle Trouble logo.png And now the final step, arm the detonator... Lo8sters has seen Puffle Trouble.

Lo8sters has seen the episode Puffle Trouble, and witnessed the poking, detonators, soda, bears, crabs, and puffles.

Bestseatinhousescreen.png I'm at the movie! Lo8sters has seen Best Seat in the House.

Lo8sters has seen the episode Best Seat in the House, and witnessed the polar bears, jet packs, cell phones, movies, and puffles.

RockSei.PNG This user has completed half of the 2005-2010 quiz.
Rockhopper with Yarr In-Game.pngSensei real.png This user has completed all of the 2005-2010 quiz! They are very intelligent!
BLUEpuffle.png The cute puffles need your help! Click here to save them!
ORANGEpuff.png This user won Dps04's First Mission! and saved cute puffles from Herbert's hands!
Hacker-Ninja.jpg BEWARE! Lo8sters is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
Gary New Style.png Lo8sters has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!
Club Penguin- Game Day.png Lo8sters has Club Penguin: Game Day!
SnowNinja3.png Lo8sters is a Snow Ninja!
Blue Pennant full award.png This user is from the Blue Team!


This user is from the Green Team!

Membership Badge.PNG Lo8sters is a Member on Club Penguin! Wow, look at this badge!
Happy emoticon.png Lo8sters denominies him/herself as a friendly User!
PartyStartsLogo.png The Party Starts NOW, when Lo8sters waddles in! Turn the music loud for an epic win! Lo8sters has seen The Party Starts Now.

Lo8sters has seen the episode The Party Starts Now, and has witnessed dancing, special effects, power outages, and mascots.

Anchors Aweigh .png Here Lo8sters COMES... Always on the run... Back from another great adventure... Lo8sters has seen Anchors Aweigh.

Lo8sters has seen the episode Anchors Aweigh, and has witnessed stinky cheese, guitars, and clips from the previous episode.

Cool in the Cold 1.png It's cool, cool, cool, out in the cold, and it's fun, fun, fun, covered in snow, Lo8sters's here, it's that time of the year... Lo8sters has seen Cool In The Cold.

Lo8sters has seen the episode Cool In The Cold, and has witnessed Frost Bites, ice skating, dancing, and auras.

Beep Beep Lo8sters got beep-beeped by JWPengie! Haha!
AntiCake.png This user has downloaded Ninja Penguin's Destroy Cake Download,and is SUPER happy!