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Hi, I'm Lovebirds211 and I LOVE Club Penguin!! The reason that I don't have many edits on here is because I like the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki more. I am a Sysop there!! BTW don't harrass me about only editing my userpage. OH YA IM A NINJA BABY!! WHOOT!!!! Also, If I don't show up for a party, I'm sorry.

To-Do list
  • Get 200 edits on here

Fun Stuff on the Wiki

Hey, this wiki isn't all just fights, crises, band-aid solutions, hackers, vandals, and quitters! There IS some fun stuff, believe it or not!!

User:Sharkbate/Sharky School

User:Sharkbate/Sharky Shopy

User:Sith Cub/Sith Cub Shop

User:Sith Cub/Quiz

User:Seahorseruler/The Cadence Room


The Buzz

User:Alxeedo111/Template Factory

If you think I missed anything, let me know on my magical talk page and give me the link. I will then see if it is worthy of being put on this PWNSOME list!!


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Sea-turtle-2.jpg Lovebirds211 likes the Absoulte Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie but dislikes his decision to be a dictator. There is a middle ground! They are a Semi Turtlenator!! Yeah!

Some stuff about me

  • I always have and always will use Internet Explorer..
  • I am extreamly scared of spiders.
  • I am severly allergic to wasps & bees.
  • I have a wikipedia:Netbook.
  • I only respect people if they only have respect for me. Therefore, you don't respect me, you get treated the same way.


Club Penguin

  • Game: Dance Challenge
  • Color: Any, really
  • Puffle Color: White
  • Room: Town
  • Clothing: Hoodies
  • Wig: the Electric
  • Pin: Ice Cream Sundae
  • Background: Sunset background, and I finally have it!!
  • Mod:Happy77
  • Charecter: Aunt Artic and Cadence