Macguire 4852

aka Club Penguin Wiki Editor

  • I live in United States
  • My occupation is Club Penguin player
  • I am male

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Full Name Macguire4852
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position EPF Agent, Tour Guide, and Mascot Hunter/Finder.
Appeared Everywhere
Color Lime Green (for a very long time)
Clothes Items Evergreen Snow Vest, Mask, Holiday Toque, Purple Rugby Scarf, Silver Wand, and Fuzzy Boots.
Related To Nobody on Club Penguin.
Friends With All mascots except Petey K. Has met Rocky, CeCe, McKenzie, and Brady. You (if you make friends with him).
Meetable Character? Yes

About my Penguin

My penguin name is Macguire4852. I associate with Club Penguin through email. Sometimes, I get secrets from them. Especially which mascots may be coming this year. I have met everyone except Petey K. I have met Rocky, CeCe, Brady, and McKenzie. It would be a pleasure to meet you. I have joined CP since late July 2010. My first pin was the compass. And my first party was the Mountain Expedition. I love to meet mascots even though I met them already. My favorite mascot is Aunt Arctic.

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