Since everyone on the wiki is making restaurants that are parodies of real restaurants, I've finally came up with the ultimate: Hack in the Bot (parody of Jack in the Box). It has the most futuristic technology ever! Seats that vibrate, food transporters, tablet-like menu pages which you choose what you would like to order, and a robot waitor scans that and sends your order by radio waves automatically, so real waitors don't get the orders mixed up. We also have the ultimate sandwich... The Hacker Burger. It has a super-secret recipe. And even if you DID discover the secrets of this super-sandwich, it contains material that will be discovered in the distant future. I found it since I'm a robot with a built-in time traveler. Yeah, it's pretty neat.


One day during Restaurant War I, young King MODEL-52716188 "Mariobilly" Cheesonastick Bear decided to make his own restaurant. It was super high-tech. Then, only months later, his restaurant was attacked by none other than AnonymousDuckLover. AnonymousDuckLover was quite a good fighter. His Duckies were strong, but Mariobilly's robots were stronger! The Duckies were fast, but the robots were faster! Soon, Mariobilly and AnonymousDuckLover proposed a peace treaty, and so, Hack in the Bot is at peace once again, hopefully for many years to come.



Restaurant War II

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