aka ☻The Fan™

  • I live in Orlando, Florida.
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is mod.ding at the C.P. american studios.
  • I am male


"The Fan's" Shoes is a bait item. If permed, it will result a ban.

   "The Fan's Shoes" is "The Fan's" current foot item. Obtaining this item will make you result a 72 to forever limit of banning time.
Bait 4

The shoes in game.

_________________________________________________________________________________________ "The Fan's" Shell-fourtune necklace is The Fan's current neck item. If permed, it will result a 24 hour ban.

Trivia about this item

Bait 2

The necklace in game.

Trivia about this item

  • If you remove the laces, and lighten up the color, it looks similar to the Clown Shoes.
  • This is the least common bait item on Club Penguin.

Trivia about myself

  • I work in Disney Interactive studios in Florida.
  • Most of my usernames on many famous websites are usually "MarioFan7589."
  • People call me "The Fan" sometimes.
    • When I end a YouTube video, I say "And don't forget, become a fan of "'The Fan!""
  • I usually use custom Alt. keys when I make messages.
  • My favorite item is actually a tie between the Pilgrim Hat, and the

Gold Sunglasses.

  • I probably get the same amount of popularity as BillyBob, and\or FiveStarFrog.

About my Video Penguin

  • Hello, and welcome to a little summary of my penguin {not to be confused with the app} which is a filming, rare penguin on YouTube. This little article is about my main penguin and the journeys I have. Enjoy!
    • So, my penguin has a YouTube account {MarioFan7589}, twitter {The Fan™@MarioFan7589}, Facebook {Champ Rowe-Burnett}, and make animations. But, here's my player card from 2006.
My pc

My 2006 player card {will be updated each week}

The player card pic. will be uploaded each week, so be prepared.

    • Also, I will be holding penguin of the week on my blog, coming 9\5\13, day of the new CP catalog. So be nice on C.P.! And maybe YOU'LL be rewarded as penguin of the WEEK on this blog, coming soon, so see ya!


☺☺☺☺☺☺Club Penguin Mod., MarioFan7589☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻

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      • Club Penguin

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