aka Mɪᴋᴇʏ!

  • I live in i aint tellin u *insert lenny face here*
  • My occupation is please give me peanut butter
  • I am male

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My Awesome Penguin
Penguin's Name Mikeymkwii
Member? Yes
First Pin Enchanted Feather Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper, Gary, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, Herbert, and Rookie
Date Joined Wiki August 25, 2011
Date Joined Club Penguin July 8th, 2011
Admin? No

Hi there, <insert name here>.

Leave a message on my talk if you need me! :)

Awesome friends!

User:Super Miron




User:Jonah Simm

Nintendo 3DS Mikeymkwii owns a Nintendo 3DS!
Mikeymkwii is Christian.
Buddy List Button October 2011
Buddy List Button over October 2011
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