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Hey guys! I am Mixer2301, an user here! You might sometimes see me editing, in forums and on chat, of course! To know about me, read this page! You can also read this page for somewhat extra information.


I am Mixer2301, an administrator here. I joined here in October 17, 2011.

I found this wiki, when I was looking info on 2007 parties, because I was a bit confused with Club Penguin when I joined it, during 2007. So I wanted to see what I missed. I then took images from here and started making some pictures. Then I stumbled across the Club Penguin Army Wiki, which in where I first made an edit in Wikia. I learnt the basics and then while browsing through this wiki, I started making some corrections on typos. Back then, this wiki was nearly-dead, and was full of vandalism, and the (then) community were working hard to erase them, without a fully active administrator. I made friends, and then started to earn rights each month. On November, I was a chat moderator. On December 2011, I was an administrator. (I was demoted soon and was promoted again on Feb 15, 2012).

You can contact me for any help related to articles, images, policies, Grammar, and other stuff. I might not be the best one to call if you need help in formatting or coding, as I am not good in those fields.

I have been the POTM of November 2011, and I was nearly into the Wall Of Fame, but I ended up in a 2-2 tie with Awesome335. (There were really less voters that time). I have completed many user-made missions and quizzes, and won plenty of awards. I was one of the founding members of the currently defunct Wiki-Council, and was also helping in the CPWIP (which is also defunct).

To now, I have made 9,293 edits on this wiki, and 8 years, 5 months and 16 days.

Q and A's

It is not completed! I'm looking for more questions :P

Question Answer
Living Country United Arab Emirates
Gender Male
First Wiki Club Penguin Army Wiki
Penguin name(s) Leo2301 and Ruwaisman
Fav. Hobbies Editing Wikia, Playing games, cycling
Nicknames Mixy, M2301, UltimateGamer123, Mix
Fav. PC video games All I own
Fav. CP games Everything, but Mancala and Ice fishing!

That's it!

So, you know it! If you have any questions about me, ask me! Good day!

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