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My Awards! I have 36 awards!

Wiki Awards

Loo CASE Sensitive!- For finding Lucas's secret pages!

20photosAward- More that 20 photos!

Fire water award- I am an expert Ninja

WelcomeAward- I joined the wiki!

NinjaAward- I am a ninja. Sensei is my PA!

Agent vandalism control team award


Rolbackaward- For becoming a rollback

Sysopaward- I was in the administration before.

Card-Jitsu Fire Award- I am a fire ninja! SENSEI! BEWARE OF ME!

Yin and Yang Award - I am a ninja and a former PSA agent. I am not an EPF agent.

Allteamsaward- I am in all teams of Club Penguin.

Yellow Team Award- Duh, I am in yellow team

AwardAward- I am the most useful person in this wiki.

Adminshadow- I am an admin many other wikis.


TourGuideAward- Mixer2301 is a tour guide in Club Penguin!

StageAward- I am a the best actor in the stage.

100PINS Award- All of my penguins have more than 100 pins! Yip Y

Tour Guide Award- I am a tour guide and I helped more than 5 users!

JokerAward- I am the most funniest person in the wiki, mostly on chat!

Award clubpenguin wiki party hat - I own 3 of that items :D

Editing Awards

BronzeAward- More than 100 edits.

Silveraward- More than 500 edits

GoldAward- More than 1000 edits!

PlatinumAward - More than 2,000 edits!!

DIAMONDaward!!! - More than 3,000 edits!!!

4000 edit award by MM - More than 4,000 edits!!!!

Awards I give out

Mixer'sAward - If you earn my respect, you get this!

M Award - You get this, if you complete my quiz!

Mixer'sQuiz Completed- The second award you get after you complete my quiz!

Quiz Awards

CPAQdone - I completed Star Kirby12's Army Wiki Quiz!

Happy-Award- I completed the Upgrader quiz!

MMXI Award- I won the 2011 Quiz! I am a great user!

Million dollar cheque - I completed Dps04's Million Dollar Quiz! I am rich!

Dps04 Cheque]] - I completed Dps04's Third Quiz, I am a Millionaire now.

Mission Awards

Hockey Skates - I completed a mission from Z Max1 and got the Hockey Skates for free!

Operation Hibernatin Snowflake Award - I completed Operation: Hibernation!

Elmovikingverde - I completed a mission from Veeonott and got the Green Viking helmet for free.

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