So, want to see my Club Penguin Wikia life? Read this page and hope you'll like my Wikia Life!

How I knew about Wikia

The reason I knew about Wikia was because of the.... CLUB PENGUIN WIKI! I and my friend where supposed to meet at the Recycle Plant in server Permafrost, but he didn't arrive, so I opened google and searched for "Cp beta test party", then I scrolled through the searches and saw Club Penguin Wiki on it. Since I never heard of a "wiki" I opened it and found it awesome! It had pictures and information. Then everyday, I used to visit the CP Wiki and using the "Parties" template, I saw all the parties till date of October 2011. Then I saw the inner core this wiki, wrecked by vandalism. At that time particularly, there was a vandal who added links to bad sites via a pornographic images. I was determined to stop him, but I can't. So I never visited this wiki again and went to Club Penguin Army Wiki.

The Club Penguin Wiki

The Army Wiki

I started at the Club Penguin Army Wiki, where I edited there. It was my first wiki. Then I learned the very basics there, and then moved here to stop the vandalism.

Return to Club Penguin Wiki

I joined October 17th here and by October 31st, I learnt the basics via users like (YMM, Sdg. and others). One day, on chat, I heard about the rollback requests and the admin requests. The admins were closed, so I requested rollback. My request has not been answered due to the lack of administrators. (Bman2007Jazz was away, and The Plush had just quit and the admin which I knew that time was only ShrimpPin.) Thats the reason why the vandalism was high. Then, Sdgsgfs and Penguinstorm300 got promoted into admins. So, Sdg saw the requests for rollback, and promoted me and the other users there. I can't believe it, with my requests, the other rollback request was from Awesome335!. Sdg promoted me into a rollback on November and after a few days, I got my chat mod. I was having a 1,000 edits that time. In late 2011, my contributions were going large, I reached 2,000 edits and won POTM and was promoted into an administrator(with P-P), but I was demoted soon.


Early 2012

In 2012, I was a rollback and a chat moderator. I used to chat with Shay Dow, PS300, YMM or Sdg, they were few of the users I knew that time. Happy65 was not editing here due to a finger ingury, and Sdg was the lead admin. Then, I met Dps04, who I thought was a vandal. I reverted one of his edits, due to his enormous contribs on the same page, so I thought he was "edit-cheating" and sent him a warning. Then I saw that he was actually improving that page. That page was the Head Item and you can our contribs. there. In February, I reached 3000 edits and got promoted into an administrator due to the lack of admins there. Then, there came a blast in my career, Psaro fought with me for a silly reason and said I was making him sad and uneasy. So, then I remained quiet in chat (even though it was not my fault). Then another fight came with Psaro for another silly reason. He was making fun of me, so I said "Stop" then he started to be sad and made another blog! Good, that he stopped and asked an apology. I apoligized, even though it was not my fault. Then I was contributing to the CPWIP. And later, got many friends in the CPWIKI.

Also, I started editing in other wikis and I once edited in more than 30 wikis.

I also joined the new wiki and done some few edits and then quit from there.

Mid 2012

My Mid 2012 was not the best part of my CP WIKI life, as I had taken a 1 and half month vacation. And my contributions went down to "Lowest".

Late 2012

My contributions are currently rising, and the Wiki is improved, so I am concentrating on templates and moderating. I have developed many friends and commenting on blogs and answering forums.


2013 was finally here! The wiki was getting much better!

In January, I was having a great time. Lots of new users and new blogs to comment on! The sockpuppet problem was finished, as Yoshi disappeared and Sid gave up :P I've then made new rules about trivias, began a new stage of CPWIP, the cleanup.

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