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This page will tell about my penguins!



Leo2301 during Halloween Party 2011

Full Name Leo2301
Species Penguin
Position EPF Agent, Pizza Chef, Construction Worker
Color Changes every month (mostly Light Blue)
Clothes Items The Sunstriker
Green Letterman Jacket
Black Sneakers
Member? Yes
Interests Mancala
Find Four
Bean Counters
Ice Fishing
And all other games
Date Joined Club Penguin November 2008
Friends With Everyone
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper
Gary the Gadget Guy

Leo2301 is a intelligent and a slender penguin who is an elite EPF and PSA agent. He only works in the EPF during workdays, and on the weekends, he usually works somewhere else, mostly in the Clothes Shop. He was created on early November 2008, before Card-Jitsu began. He was one of the penguins who helped to construct the Dojo. He became a member in 2009, and has met Rockhopper, Puffle Handler, Gary the Gadget Guy, Franky, Sensei and Rookie. He currently has 210+ stamps, and 130+ pins. His first pin was the Snow Shovel Pin.

He is very busy working, that he has no time to feed his puffles. He has 2 Rainbow Puffles, 1 Red puffle, 1 Green puffle and 1 Yellow puffle. He is a great Cart Surfer and a pizza chef, but he isn't that good on Aqua Grabber. He is afraid of heights, so he does not go to the Beacon or the Ski Hill, and does not play Jet Pack Adventure.

Working Career

He worked in the PSA from 2008 till it was decommissioned. Unlike other penguins, he joined PSA when he was twelve days old. (Fanon)

He is now working in the EPF as a Tech expert, but he has done field work in Operation:Hibernation, Operation: Blackout , Operation: Hot Sauce and Operation: Puffle.

His weekend jobs mostly include as a waiter and a master chef in the Pizza Parlor, cashier in the Clothes Shop, counter-worker in the Coffee Shop, Senior Editor in the Club Penguin Times, commentator in the Stadium and an actor in the Stage. His first job was the director of the stage, and his second was a pizza delivery penguin.

Awards and Recognition


  • PSA Mission Medals
  • EPF Medals
  • EPF Badges
  • Box of Pizza
  • Chocolate Game
  • Coins for Change award
  • Master Chef 2009
  • Master Chef 2010
  • Master Chef runner-up 2011
  • Fastest Sledder 2008
  • Club Penguin Fishing Club - Fishing Champion 2012
  • Master Chef 2012
  • President of Carting Club, 2011-2012
  • Vice-President of Champions Mancala, 2012-present
  • Best Editor of 2010
  • 2 Employee of the Months
  • Ticket Collectors Association Chairpenguin, 2009-2011
  • Best PSA Agent 2008
  • Best EPF Agent 2011
  • Best EPF Agent 2012
  • The Recycle Club of Club Penguin, Honorable Member 2011
  • Guest Judge of Catchin'Waves Championship 2012
  • Honorable Blue Team Member
  • Yellow Team Star Player of 2009,2011,2012

Titles and Degrees

  • Master of Cooking, Club Penguin University,
  • Master of Computer Science, Club Penguin University
  • Snowball Fights Degree, Club Penguin University
  • Legend of Exploring, EPF and Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition Force
  • Elite Penguin Fool, Herbert P. Bear
  • Bachelor of Science, Club Penguin University
  • Helpful Penguins!, Penguin Federation
  • Bearer of Terminal UltraMatrix, Club Penguin Sci-fi Club
  • Master of Spying, Club Penguin University Top Secret Dept.


See his gallery for pictures!


  • He is a great fan of Snowball Fights.
  • He is part of the Yellow Team.
  • His first job was a director in the Stage.
  • He tried to be a pizza delivery penguin, but he always turned up late.
  • His favorite character in Fairy Fables is Prince Red Ridinghood.
  • He is not an EPF Field Agent, but a computers agent with over 50 medals. He has taken part in mostly all of the EPF Operations.
  • He dislikes Ghosts Just Wanna Dance.
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