The RockHouse and your fans!

A Rockie Ninja

Mixer's Rockhouse

About The Rockhouse

The RockHouse is the place where the band-The Incredible Reds rest it's also their HQ. The band not only rest but use their HQ as a band practice, the very rare and expensive computers in the HQ contain lot's of sound files for the band. Any type of penguins get a special fan access into their HQ by entering if they are considered 'Lucky' winners by the poll which comes out every two months. It is very rare for penguins to win the poll a second time. But if they are allowed inside the bands' HQ, they get a tour of the house and they have a chance to enter 'The Elevator Machnio Ston'. They are welcomed in red carpets. Many 'Rockie Ninjas' are even seen here. Some penguins call the Incredible Reds" base as The RockHouse because it is made out of rare and fine rock. The special thing about the rock used to build the HQ is that once you place it in one place it it there forever. It was built by Rory on May 2010.


It is located in Snow High Mountain in Club Penguin Island. It's a hard work to go there.

Where it's located on the map.

You cannot access there until you get an Access Pass which is very rarely given out.

The Original RockHouse is located in the middle of Mt.Snowball. To get there you must you use the elevator inside.



About Rockie Ninjas

Rockie Ninjas are special ninjas who protect the RockHouse. They have more interest in music too. They wear a scarf or a Rockie Ninja ID Card. They wear a ninja masks and belts too. They are the HARDEST ninjas ever to defeat.

A Rockie Ninja

See, the person above is a rookie Rockie Ninja. Ninjas wear headphones too. They sometimes do back up effects and sings in a live performance by The Incredible Reds.

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