NOTE-Due to school, I'll only be active and available Friday,Saturday,and Sunday. Anything taking place on weekdays, I will not be able to participate in. Don't worry, if you're missing me just wait for the weekend!

Current Thoughts and Projects

  • After a loooooooong period of being banned from the computer I'm back!
  • Wowzers I missed alot. I'll see if I can make it up.
  • OMIGOSH what's happening cuz I don't know DX
  • I'm editing the eddsworld wiki so I won't be here as much. That wiki needs alot of work.

About me

Oh hi there! I'm NightBlade! I first saw, well heard about cp when my friends at school were trying plan a party at someone's igloo. I had no idea whatsoever what they were talking about and I went on in life. A year later, I remembered that memory and decided to check it out. And so, Allstar Bud was created. I started out as a non-member and had fun chatting with everyone. 5 months later I decided to be a member. I made new friends and had so much fun playing with everyone. Here I am now, ready to share my knowledge and make your day a better one!Also, I'm a master at MS paint! I can paint anything. I can paint good Club Penguins Pictures, but I prefer to make my character pictures (with mongooses and other animals ^_^) If you would like to see them search xxnightbladestarxx on google and click the one in photobucket.

About Allstar Bud

  • Everyone just calls me Allstar.
  • Before I was a member everyone thought I was a boy. That lead to many embarassing situations.
  • My main color is red. However, I'm currently wearing pink because it matches my outfit better.
  • I'm not longer a member. I don't plan to be one anytime soon. I think I'm fine as non-member though, I have plenty of clothes to make me look good.
  • I joined somewhere in November. Just after the Dojo was reconstructed and Card Jitsu was new.
  • I am quite rare and have all the party items from the Dojo party to the Current time.
  • One of the things I used to do was guard the Pizza Parlor from robbers.


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The Gallery of Awesomeness

Here's a gallery of awesome pics made by me! I AM a master at MS Paint and Gimp. If you like any of the images here tell me! I love it when people like my work. If you wanna use any images in here makes sure to tell me and give credit :)

Speshul Awards!

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