Nom Nom Cake

aka Account Disabled

  • I live in Club Penguin Island
  • I was born on January 18
  • My occupation is Everyday Phoning Facality
  • I am Male

Nom Nom Cake
Nom Nom Custom

An awesome custom made by Jess
Penguin's Name Hot Dog Red
Favorites Thunder Blade :P
Member? Yes Bars-under-membership-badge-en-1391054720
First Pin Helm Pin
Stamps 231
Famous Penguins Met All of them
Date Joined Wiki September 30th, 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin March 3rd, 2012
Admin? No
Notes Mostly wears the Red Sunglasses, the New Player Red Baseball Hat, the Red Tracksuit, and the Red Checkered Shoes.
For the page for the Nom Nom Cake Renovation Project, see: Nom Nom Cake Renovation Project 2015.

Hello, I am Hot Dog Red (you can call me red), this is my userpage! I joined CP March 3rd, 2012. I used to add everyone, but my friend list got full, so some got deleted, if you wanna friend me, go ahead! Have a great May!

Secret Page

I also have a secret page... See if you can, you know, find it!

My Favorite CP Server

Blizzard because I like full servers. :P

My Favorite CP Music

My Tofu

Outfits on CP

User icons July 2nd-Present


See here.

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