aka peb

  • I live in pebland
  • My occupation is Fantendoverse writer, above-average Halo player, Dapper Mothman, the bad joke delivery man, lead guitarist of Christopher Walken Handy J
  • I am male

About me

Hello, I'm PabloDePablo! Welcome to my user page.

NOTE: This is a filler page. My REAL user page will be out soon. User:PabloDePablo/Dance Dance Insect! <-- Sign up for my movie there.

Pablo Can...

  • PWN Hat Pop at Card-Jitsu.
  • Get to the Volcano.
  • Use his clothing wisely.
  • Be a Mwa Mwa Penguin yet not be annoying.
  • Meet Box Creator.
  • Think about laughing at you because you are not at my level of awesomeness, unless you are Brookelas, Hat Pop, or Sharkbate.
  • Decide not to laugh at you because you might not be my level of awesomeness, but you are slightly awesome compared to me.
  • Stand polka music.

Puffles on Club Penguin

  • Painty- Yellow Puffle who loves painting and music, 1st of my new puffles.

Note- I will get 3 more soon!

My contributions

My favorite pages

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My Templates/Userboxes

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Sonic Club

The Sonic Club is my new group- a group of people who do Sonic stuff on CP. Each member will play as a certain character.

Sonic: Pablodepablo Tails: Knuckles: Amy Rose: Shadow: Dr. Eggman: Metal Sonic: Rouge: Chaos: Cream: Blaze: Silver:

'Zone RP' will be held every Saturday at 2:00 P.M. Penguin Standard Time, on the server Beanie. Leave a message on my page to join and post the character you want to be.

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