aka The Lord of Bombs....but mostly mushroom

  • I live in In a galaxy far, far away
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is President of Andillion, the Shroom Planet/The Mushroom Lord
  • I am A BOY, its quite obvious

About me and my penguin :)

Hello, I am Patfan1, and I like helping Klutzy. I also have a job working for EPF. I have earned all my stamps in System Defender and Missions. I don't like Herbert because he's too grouchy. I am a dragon. Luke I am your father XD.I am friends with Aunt Arctic (secret). I am a rather kind (most of the time) penguin. I am a pro EPF agent. I look up to Awesome Penguins such as User:Mariobilly and User:Rekanochi.

Pages I made

Templates and other junk

Green Puffle Patfan1 loves puffles.
Hacker-Ninja BEWARE! Patfan1 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!
FireNinja4 Patfan1 is a Fire Ninja!
WaterNinja4 Patfan1 is a Water Ninja!
Sensei name Patfan1 is a fan of Sensei.
AuntArctic2013NewDesignPose Patfan1 has met Aunt Arctic! Woohoo!
Iceblue This user loves Ice Blue Color!
Hatevandalism This user HATES vandalism so much that they want to BREAK vandaliser's computer to pieces!

ShieldPin Patfan1 likes defending the wiki against Vandals!
CoolPenguin THIS PENGUIN IS REALLY AWSOME (more awsome then billybob!)
Ughg This user is soo AWESOME!!!!
I love puffles! Also, I'm AWESOME, very awesome, as you already know!! I absolutely hate spammers, hackers, and vandalizers. I ban and block hackers and spammers. I also love saving this wiki and CP from vandals. So, hackers BEWARE!
Stompin' "Bobby" Bob Fan!!!

.Bobby This User is a fan of Stompin' "Bobby" Bob from the Club Penguin Band!

Are YOU? Well they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Helm Pin icon This user is a knight. Awesome!
Knight Armor in'game Knight Patfan1 is at Rank 3. 2 more!
EPF Logo
Patfan1 is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
Ninja in-game Patfan1 is a ninja!
Anti quitters sociaty!
This user is a member of the Anti-Quitters Society!
The Sensei master Patfan1 beat Sensei and got the ninja mask! Sensei is now jealous!
Sensei3 Patfan1 beat Sensei again and got the Fire Gem! Sensei is now really jealous!
Aunt arctic 2013 Patfan1 has seen Aunt Arctic!
Rookie stamp Patfan1 has obtained Rookie's Stamp!
Eatme Vandals, BEWARE! This user will eat you alive. Literally..
Sys Gary Patfan1 is a fan of Gary.
I also dissaprove of swearing.
Patfan1 has a Black belt in the game Card Jitsu located in the Dojo. And they're gonna beat Sensei!
SnowNinja3 Patfan1 is a Snow Ninja!
EPF Logo Patfan1 is a top agent of the EPF.
Dragonwing Patfan1 saw Scorn the Dragon King on Club Penguin, who made appearances every 15 minutes during the construction of the Medieval Party 2012!
2020 Updated Pin Tracker
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Loading_Arrows.gif Club Penguin has been discontinued.
Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
Yearbook 2008-2009 snapshot
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Ducki With a present. This user has clicked on the button on AnonymousDuckLover's userpage.
Ducki This user has completed AnonymousDuckLover's first quiz. Congratulations.
Gary42 Patfan1 has completed PixieLil's Gary the Gadget Guy quiz!
Ws This user beat Sensei for the third time and got the Water Gem! Sensei is now super jealous!
521px-No pookie This user is part of the APR (Anti Pookie-Rebellion).
5217 icon This here Gym Certificate hereby... blah, blah, blah... Here ya go!
RP Sad Patfan1 feels so bad for the unadopted puffles at the pet shop when they crawl around in the tubes and feel very sad looking at the pookies that take over their Pet Shop.
Happy Dancing Penguin Patfan1 loves Penguins!
Reka2764's classic player card Reka approves this person!

True fact

I just wasted 10 seconds of your life :p

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