Welcome to the CP Wiki.
— Pengry2
My penguin7

Penguin's Name Pengry2
Member? Yes
First Pin Koi Fish
Famous Penguins Met All of them
Date Joined Wiki December 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin August 2009
Admin? No

Leaving CP And Wiki

Hello there. I'm officially leaving the CP and Wiki because I'm bored. CP was fun for 5 years for me but I'm moving on with the rest of my life. Even though I didn't really contribute a lot in the wiki that much, I hope everybody and the admins have a great time editing this amazing wiki. The admins are very nice (even though I didn't talk to them that much) and everybody else. Bye :)

P.S I might return but I don't know yet. Also I might attend CP anniversary parties. -Pengry2

About my penguins

Pengry2 is my penguin, I started Around August 2009. I usually go on Abominable,Zipline,Blizzard and sometimes Sleet. I don't go on lately, but when an event/party is happening, I'm on.

Coolie2561 He is my cousin's account and he started around June 2008.


Favorite Parties

Cardboard Box PinApril Fools Party

Herbert Security Clearance 6 Pin iconOperation: Blackout

7126 iconHalloween Party 2012

Beach Ball PinSummer Kickoff Party

HawaiianLeiWinter Luau

Horse Shoe PinWestern Party

Favorite Things

Blue Ball Cap Blue cap

B hoodie Black Hoodie

Fun facts


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