• I live in Middle East
  • My occupation is Incredible Reds Singer
  • I am Male

About me

Hello, everyone who is viewing my profile. I am PengyFan. I am currently new and I have only edited little pages. I also vist Club Penguin Army Wiki, Club Penguin Games Wiki, GTA SA Wiki and others. I love playing Club Penguin. I love sharing my knowledge about Club Penguin with others and thats what I do in this wiki. I do not have the permission to create new pages and upload new photos.

About my Penguin

My penguin was created in January 2009. He is a safe chat penguin. His first item was the ice crown. His first party hat was the yellow and orange party hat. He is 1700+ days old. My penguin is a non-member now and he likes attending parties.

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Full Name PengyFan
Species  ?
Position  ?
Appeared  ?
Color  ?
Clothes Items  ?
Related To  ?
Friends With  ?
Meetable Character?  ?

|Information |Full Name- PengyFan |Species- Penguin, Penguinus |Position- Star Level Member |Appeared- Everywhere since 2009 |Color- Light Blue |Clothes Items- Brown Fedora, Black Hoodie, Black sneaks, Friendship bracelet |Related To- None |Friends With- Secretlou |Meetable Character? Yes }}

My favorite pages


File:Camp Penguins Color Vote Award 1st.jpg100px - I WON THE CAMP COLOR VOTE CONTEST WITH SHRIMPPIN!!!!!

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