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Penstubal: About, games, links, other stuff
Welcome to my user page!

I am Penstubal, a regular boy (k maybe not regular, maybe crazy) who enjoys playing Club Penguin. The games i play are Pokemon Showdown, Pokemon Sapphire, ROBLOX, Minecraft, Club Penguin and Cookie Clicker. On Pokemon Showdown, my name is CPenstubal, so challenge me if you want! On Minecraft, i am Freezeguy01, on ROBLOX i am Stewbell (friend me there if you want) and on Club Penguin almost everyone knows that, but if i have to say, i will: on Club Penguin i am Patrick Tea. I have joined the wiki on March 2012 and have been a member of it (a less active one) ever since.

I live in Serbia, a country in Southeastern Europe (the Balkan Peninsula).

In the meantime, when i am bored, i usually read a fun comic called Polandball, play Minecraft or ROBLOX, chat, or just watch TV.

I also sometimes watch Simon's Cat, a hillarious YouTube cartoon you should see by clicking this.


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