Hi, I'm Piebob2323. I own my own cheats site, called www.piebob2323scpcheatsandcrap/ Go ahead and join! I am upsessed with club penguin/ I like to go on the server Klondike, and yeah. This is my player card ---------------------> A

The People over there stalking you

Yes, there are people over there stallking you. They dress in one color, and I Piebob2323 made it up, and is the leader. There are serveral colors signifacant colors that mean different things. And ther is only 1 of each color

  • Blue: Piebob2323 (owner)
  • Black: Piebob2323 (owner)
  • Green: Piebob2323 (owner)
  • Yellow: Madd91 ( Offical color stealer)
  • Pink: Saddfire (Assistant)
  • Orange: Miss Gepard (Regular member)
  • Red: Vacant
  • Purple: Vacant

Where I can be found

I can be found in the server Klondike, Crystal, Mammoth and, Alaska.


  • Website owner - www.piebob2323scpcheatsandcrap/
  • People over there stalking you owner and creator
  • Contributor to this wiki
  • Owner of the Weebl's Stuff Wiki


The PIebob2323 award, made by me, so technically I get it. I give this award to anyone I thinkk that has been either really ncie, responsible, or has just done a good job in helping out.

Piebob's award

Jobs in club Penguin

  • Honorary Lifeguard
  • Secret Agent
  • Pizza Man
  • Coffee Man
  • Party Crasher
  • ~More coming soon~

Weebl's Stuff Wiki

This new wiki I recently made despratly needs help! I would greatly appreaciate any help I get. To find it, search Weebls stuff wiki in google, and it should be the fifth one down

Random Stuff About Me

Blue Pennant full award This user is from the Blue Team!
en This user is a native English speaker.

I speak Greek, Latin, and a small bit of Turkish

Penguin Stuff

  • My penguin is 706 days old as of 9/11.
  • I started playing around the time when the game Jetpack came out.
  • I have never met rockhopper or the band
  • My igloo has retianed the same image for nearly two years, as a party sports club
  • My membershiop runs out next month (October) on the 26th
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