aka Salsoam

  • I live in Club Penguin
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am A NERD

Salsoam doesn't know how to wear party hats

Becoming an Arctic Avian

My first experience with anything Club Penguin related was back when I was a trading card freak, playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon off the chain. I look at all of the items in the cards corner at Target, and once I found a Card Jitsu Booster Pack. I didn't understand why buying cards that will never be used would be anything but inconvenient and useless.

"Club Penguin" enticed me when I realized I loved penguins. I also love zebras, skunks, setgosauri and cows for personal and natural reasons. It took me two years until I had the boredom accumulance and sugar consumption possible for me to type "" into the URL bar. I had my older sister with me as I giggled my way through logging in my first penguin, Salsoam, around July 2012. The next party introduced a canon voice for Cadence and her new song, and I thought it was a cheesy and ridiculous idea. Then I fell in love. I didn't know what stamps were and yet I've met a whole band of some sort? I didn't care, I stayed in the concert hall for two hours.

I missed the two following parties; I never missed another.

I now write fanfictions and plan out creepypastas about Club Penguin mysteries. I love roleplaying alliances and plotlines. I love Pookies and no one should hurt them ever. I'm VERY curious about the inner workings of Club Penguin itself, and I love the community.

Mysterious information? Club Penguin Creepypastas? Odd, member-exclusive evidence of the mascots? Fansongs? Rumors? Headcanons? Ideas? Gossip? Glitches? Viruses? Technical mishaps? I urge you to notify me of these things. Even in the smallest such as "Hey once I got my penguin stuck under a layer when another player threw a snowball at me now I can't move. Weird, huh?"

Because that's happened to me.

About my Penguins

I have two penguins: Salsoam and Yellewow. Soon I'll provide a link to my blog page about them. I hate repeating things to an extent.

Check Them Out

My contributions

I'll help out with the grammar of a page, because I'm too scared to make my own pages or add new information entirely. I also like fixing the tenses of when a clothing item "was available" or "is available," "never be available" or "will be available."

Thank my English teacher Ms.Jackson for the upcoming grammar haven I will bestow upon you all.

I think trends and tiny user-influenced events are also important and interesting to read about on a page related to it. I think it's important to the fandom-type kind of users on Club Penguin, like me. But, of course, I'm too scared to put in that fact if I know it at all.

I'm also the one who changed the pronouns of the Wrong Game Penguin page.

Where Else am I?

I'm on a few websites. So if you think I'm cool, we can chat on other mediums:

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