Princess Gabriella

aka Gabby

  • I live in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
  • I was born on October 28
  • I am girl

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Always be carful about your life!

About me

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About my Penguin

Gabbylove401 is my main penguin on cp. She has lots of friends, and wants to be a member. I hve 3 accounts on cp, So it's alot to handle. In all, i have 4 pets. My favorite one is Hearts on Heart Gal Go. A convo with Hearts Hearts: Can I have a wiki account? Me: No. Hearts: Please? Me: No! Hearts: Please? Me: NO! Hearts: Please? Me: NO MEANS NO! Hearts: Please? *Sad eyes* Me: Ask one more time and your kicked out! Hearts: ... Me: (If somebody's in iggy) That always does it.

My favorite pages


Princess Gabriella is female.
NAME Princess Gabriella's penguin is called Heart Gal Go.

My contributions

What i like to do

Well, i like to do fun stuff like listen to music, dance etc.

My current background on my computer

Purple Guitar!

Friends list

Ugly turtle If you want to be my friend, ask me!

Enemy list


Idk wat this should be

X mark Not done.

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