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HI! I'm Princesspony.


  • Blue:Blueberry(I didn't think about this much)
  • Red:Lady Scarlet(Pretty name huh?)


I'm usually at:

  • Husky
  • Parka
  • Christmas
  • Angel

My Fave Games (not clubpenguin)

  • Bella Sara
  • Webkinz
  • Club Penguin, of course!

My clubpenguin info

  • Puffles:Blue
  • Clothes:Flower Headdress,blue lei, friendship bracelet
  • Games:Sledding,Catchin' Waves
  • Places:Pet Shop,Iceberg,Cove,Forest


About Me

My penguin usually blue,yellow,or pink. I love Club Penguin, and especially the puffles. I am a firm Christian.P.S. I also like Wikiepedia a little bit! In real life, my brother is Barkjon.

Jesus Loves You!


Princesscorn pic

This is me!!!

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