aka Puffle O'

  • I live in USA
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
My Current Player Card
Penguin's Name Puffles206
Favorites I love drawing, Fairy Tail, and Pokemon! :)
Member? Yes
First Pin Red Electric Guitar Pin
Famous Penguins Met I've met all of them!
Date Joined Wiki December 18th, 2011
Date Joined Club Penguin June 9th, 2011
Admin? No

About my Penguin

I've started playing Club Penguin in June 2011 and have been a member since August 2011. I enjoy collecting stamps and so far have a total of 276. My penguin is a fire/water/snow ninja, agent, and tour guide. I have also met Rockhopper, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, Cadence, PH, Penguin Band, CeCe, Rocky, Herbert, Brady, and McKenzie!!


Fairy Tail 2 Puffles Signature Fairy Tail

My Favorite CP Items

  • Head Item: Music Jam Cap (First free item I got at my first party)
  • Wig Item: The Side Swept (Really well designed, in my opinion)
  • Face Item: Blue Aviators (My favorite type of glasses/my favorite color)
  • Neck Item: Jet Pack (item), Noteworthy Necklace and Amulet (JET PACKS FOR THE WIN!!! I have always liked the designs)
  • Body Item: Rhythm & Purple Blues, Ice Moves Hoodie, Winter Threads, and Street Cred Outfit (I love wearing these four body items. They are very well designed)
  • Hand Item: Silver Watch (It matches perfectly to any body item. I also like watches :3)
  • Pin: Stereo Pin (4th pin I've received, but I really like the design)
  • Background: Lined Paper Background (A pretty creative background. Herbert's Background comes 2nd. CeCe's and Rocky's come third.)
  • Color: Black (Color of the stuffed animal I based my account off of)
  • Mascot: Rockhopper and Herbert P. Bear (Rockhopper's the first mascot I met. I've always liked Herbert even though he's a villain)
  • Game: Pufflescape (I earn the most coins on this game)
  • Room: Dojo (The second room I went to, excluding the courtyard. It was the main reason my friend introduced me to Club Penguin)
  • Party: Medieval Party 2012 (Party I was present at. The quests were awesome and Scorn is a pretty chill villain!) Operation: Blackout (Party I wasn't present at. I really wish I had made it to this party...The items were really cool and the plot line was too. Not to mention the WHOLE island was decorated for this party, and some rooms were updated as the party went on.)
  • Stage Play: Secrets of the Bamboo Forest (First stage I went to.)
  • Server: Vanilla (Where I met my first mascot, Rockhopper)

Fun Facts

  • I have a youtube account under the username of FKFusionKnight.
  • FKFusionKnight is also the name of my deviantart account.

Best Friends

Here are some of my best friends on this wiki (Not in any specific order):

Templates I've Earned

Penguin Play Awards (1) This User got the Thank You Award from Chriskim98! Good Job!
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