aka LucidSigma

  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is Software engineer/developer
  • I am Male

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My Penguin Facts

Name: Matzac12345

No. of Bans: 0

My Puffles + Their Journals

(I named my Puffles the Elite Puffles)

Blue - Bouncer

When I was adopted by a red penguin, i was kind of worried that he wouldn't take care of me properly. But tht was when i was adopted! Now me and Matzac12345 are great friends. We play, eat, sleep and have fun together. Matzac12345 is a great penguin!

Red - Blast

  1. got Adopted
  2. was Fed
  3. we Played Together
  4. we sleped for 5 hours
  5. we had more fun

Matzac12345 is a great penguin. =D

Pink - Loop

when i got adopted i thought it was gonna be fun. and it was. we had the best time together and matzac12345 is the best keeper i had because all my other keepers of me hated me. i ran away 47 times but matzac12345 is the best penguin and i hope he does not make me have run away 48 times. p.s. i do not now how to do capitals.

Black - Flare

I DID NOT WANT TO BE ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT THEN WHEN ,MATZAC12345 ADOPTED ME I COULD SEE THAT WE WERE GOING TO BE FRIENDS 4 LIFE. I GIVE MATZAC12345 A 9.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 OUT OF 10 FOR A PUFFLE CARER.

Green - Flit

I WAntEd tO be ADOpTEd BY A REd pENguIn And I DiD gET aDOpTed by a RED PENgUiN. mE ANd MatZaC12345 haD ThE BeSt TimE TOGEThEr. YAy! The EnD MY fAVoURiTe LetTeR iS kKkKKkKkKkkkKkKkKkkKkkKKkKkKkKkKkKKkKkKKkKkKkkKkKk =)

Yellow - Chirp

Hello, I am writing with a paintbrush so that is why this writing is so big so if I make a misttacke like i did before i cannott (D'oh) rub it out. Wwell I was adopted by Matzac123456 (=\) and we had alot of fun. WELL NOW I DID MILLLLLIONS OF MISTTACKES (GRRRRRRRR) MY JOURNAL IS FULLL!!! (I NEEED SPELLLLING SCHOOOL) 

Purple - Pop

I like big boulgy writing but not tooooooooooooooooo big. I was adopted by Matzac12345 and it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We had lotssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of fun. (Grrr to Flare for rippinggggggggggggggg a page out of my journal.

White - Chill

What do i write?
I like food?
My Pesonality?
What do i write!!!!!!!!!!!
I got adopted by Matzac1234-
How do you do a five?
and i had fun and my journal is now full!

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