Rainy Day21

aka Rainy

  • I live in Club Penguin island
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is being lazy
  • I am a girl

WhitePuffle 0000000

About me

Hi, I'm Rainy Day21-- but you should just call me Rainy, it's way shorter and much easier to remember. Anyways, I joined Club Penguin sometime in 2013, and actually won a 7-day trial membership! Anyone who signed up back then should know about how you got one. Anyways, I hope we can be friends!

About my Penguin

My penguin's username is Rainy Day21, as expected. I have three puffles; Ermine the white puffle, Plush the purple puffle, and Sable the brown puffle.

My favorite pages


Rainy Day21 is female.
-6 (CST) This user is 6 hours behind UTC and goes by USA Central time.
USFlag This user is American.
NAME Rainy Day21's penguin is called Rainy Day21.
Yellow puffle haha Rainy Day21 wants puffles to be real! Grub!
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