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  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

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Hi I am Razaq1 and I am Muslim. I'm from Canada. I have a pet fish name Fishy (it's a cool name). XP

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Penguin's Name Razaq1
Favorites The Trend
Member? Yes
First Pin Balloon Bunch Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rookie, Sensei, Cadence, Stompin Bob, Franky, G Billy, and Petey K
Date Joined Wiki November 20, 2012
Date Joined Club Penguin September 2011
Admin? No (But will be soon)

About my Penguin

Hey guys my Penguin name is Razaq1. I'm meetable in Club Penguin. I started Playing CP last year back in the fair 2011. I always read your blogs. YOU GUYS ROCK THE WIKI!

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Herbert Style! Official Club Penguin-1354542788

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Dubstep Puffle Official Club Penguin-3

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