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  • I live in CP (Not really)
  • My occupation is Club Penguin
  • I am Redslime aka Redidy
Hello penguins!!

About Redidy Penguin...

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Cooltext1607195142 This user is the awesome Redidy Penguin


Hi there! I'm Redidy Penguin and welcome to my user page!

Hello There <insert name here>, Welcome to my User Page.

Note 1: I like changing my outfit ASAP.

Note 2: I like my userpage long.

Fun Fact: My butt rode a donkey.

All About Me

Redidy Penguin
Recent Look.
Penguin's Name Redidy.
Favorites None.
Member? Yes.
First Pin Rockhopper's Key
Stamps Many.
Famous Penguins Met All except for CeCe and Rocky.
Date Joined Wiki 2014.
Date Left Wiki None.
Date Joined Club Penguin October 2010.
Admin? No but i'd like to be one
Notes None.

Hello, My name is Redidy, I played Club Penguin for 4 years. I only had 2 party hats because I missed the 2 other parties, I only got 7th and 8th party hats. My favorite items that I have are:




Favorite Food

  • Pie
  • Pizza
  • Fish
  • Cake
  • Ice Cream
  • Squid
  • Anything sweet
  • Chips
  • and others...


  • R-R
  • R-P
  • Red
  • Slime


Other Favorite Games

TV Shows I like

Cartoon Network

  • The Amazing World of Gumball
  • Adventure Time
  • Steven Universe
  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Regular Show
  • Teen Titans Go!
Old Favorite Cartoon Network Shows
  • Johnny Test

Disney Channel

  • Gravity Falls
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Fish Hooks
  • Wander Over Yonder

Toonami Shows

  • Beware the Batman
  • Young Justice
  • Avengers
  • Teen Titans
  • Justice League Unlimited
  • Transformers

Nickelodeon Shows

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Fairly Odd Parents (Timmy Turner)
  • Sanjay and Craig
  • Rabbids Invasion
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Kung Fu Panda:Legends Of Awesomeness
Old Favorite Nickelodeon Shows
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum
  • Jimmy Neutron

Club Penguin Armies

  1. ArmyofCP
  2. Smart Penguins (Recently on)
  3. UnitedNations (Unsucssesful)
  4. RevivalForce
  5. Army of the Republic and others

Army Experience

I was first from RF, then later became ACP. Then I became AR but they realized that ACP and AR were enemies, so they fought over me, so I quit being a soldier in armies. Later I become moderator in ACP, but became a member again. Then I joined other various armies like UN. My friends help me became mod but I didn't become a moderator so later I found SP I was the Co-owner, Vivek was founder. Then later I was becoming moderator to a member because of dinesh (dinesh and I are friends after I became owner). Later became owner and did not become a soldier in any army because I remembered this Wiki and joined it (again). So later on I went to SP and ACP again. So this what happened we had an event. When I just came so that's just for now.


I will soon retire because I have more important things to do. I will soon rejoin ACP and SP I had fun in Armies but I do not feel the army spirit anymore So I will retire Next friday

                   UPDATE:I AM RETIRED IN ALL ARMIES for Now 
                   smoke comes at Redslime* Redslime dissapears*

Friends from my armies

  • Flipmoo
  • Vivek
  • Dinesh
  • Heross
  • Snaketeja
  • Sora
  • Devin
  • SoraXFirework

and others...

Discovering CP

I played CP before but i forgot. I heard Club Penguin again Year 2010 when I was in my school bus again. My 2 bus mates were talking about Club Penguin. My first thought about it was that it was a club like a tent. And they said other stuff like ninja agents membership. So when I got home I rushed of to the internet if I was wrong. And later I found that it was a Game, A Virtual World. So i checked it out told my Mom to make me a penguin.So i found Halloween things so i checked out it was a Halloween Party. So I had member ship after Halloween Party 2010.Early 2011 i Quitted CP. So i didn't get the 6 anniversary hat.Late 2011 I went to Club Penguin again and liked it more. Then Early 2012 i found the Club Penguin Armies Wiki that i looked at using my Old wiki account Redidy (Later forgot password).Early 2013 I found this Wiki and used my other old wiki account Captain Redslime and Stopped Late 2013. Early 2014 I forgot Red Cap's pass and remembered this website. So i rushed to make a new one called Redidy Penguin. My friends made accounts in CP too after i remembered this Wiki.Later on i remembered my Old CP accounts

JK, I only heard about CP 2010 and those RARE Accounts weren't mine except for Renzob and Renzob was hacked with The Bambadee.

Things You Do Not Know About Me

Redidy Penguin is the president of Redland and the smartest penguin in Club Penguin and Redland. He is 1st command in the E.P.F. in Club Penguin but in Redland, he has no rank there. He is friends with the Avengers and all the other Marvel Heroes.



He was an alien from Krypton, that was left by his parents, that wanted him to go to earth and receive intellgience, since any Kryptonian will get smartness if he goes to another planet and also let Redidy go because of the planet exploding.


In 15BC, Redidy lands and gets his intelligentness


Redidy is now 21 years old, he becomes a Catholic and beleives in Christ.

18th Century

Redidy is still 21 years old because he doesn't grow fast and when he got his intelligentness, he won't grow fast. He helps the Philippines everyday from the Spaniards.

Americans Come to Philippines

He calls everyone that the Americans saved us from the Spaniards and becomes friends with the sailors and Americans who saved Philippines from Spaniards.

World War II

He has a special role here. He is 2nd command in HUKBALAHAP that tried to stop the Japanese from destroying and getting the Philippines. He also went with Douglas when he announced to go to places to stop Adolf Hitler. Redidy made the first gun that had missiles in it within the World War.


He becomes famous because of joining Douglas MacArthur and makes great gadgets for countries.


He meets the Avengers and the X-Men and studies the planet Mercury. After he studied it, he got powers, magical powers specifically. He also got immortality.


He meets Gary and makes 400 thousand inventions within the year.


He becomes a S.H.E.L.D. agent.


Becomes the President of Redland approved by Rockhopper.


Makes projects for his country and helps the world by making world projects (He is now 34 years old).


Redidy Penguin/Redidy R. Rewd is good in the following things: Politics Wars Kung Fu Karate Magic Inventing Driving Swordmanship Tracking


  • Pinkdidy
  • Flipmoo
  • Yellowslime
  • Purpleslime
  • Gary the Gadget Guy
  • E.P.F.
  • Avengers
  • Black Widow
  • Agents
  • Manny Parnital
  • Rancis
  • NinjaGuy
  • Miron
  • Fawsitt
  • President of the Philippines
  • The Pope
  • Almost every country

Free Codes

Click here here to win codes (including membership codes)


Pages Made

  1. Violetta
  2. Violetta Giveaway
  3. Card-Jitsu Elements
  4. Halloween Parties
  5. Parties and Events in 2005
  6. Parties and Events in 2006
  7. Parties and Events in 2007
  8. Parties and Events in 2008
  9. Parties and Events in 2009
  10. Parties and Events in 2010
  11. Parties and Events in 2011
  12. Parties and Events in 2012
  13. Parties and Events in 2013
  14. Parties and Events in 2014
  15. Beta Hat Creature
  16. 9th Anniversary Party
  17. 9th Anniversary Hat


Find out about Dallas here:


Customs Given to me


Player Card

Player Cards in Parties

Other Player Card


Test Penguins

My Other Penguins

Note: All are really mine except for Sofia100 and The Bambadee was hacked and Renzob was hacked by my teenager friend.


My Customs (Using Photoshop)

DC Character Customs



Drawings of me made by friends


Other Pics

Me with Wiki Users


Snowflake Awards


Redidy's Country

Anthem: Freedom of the Seas
Status Active
and largest city
Official languages English, Tagalog
Government Democratic
 -  President Redidy Penguin
Establishment 1720
 -  estimate 90,000
 -  census 9,037
Currency Redlandian Peso (RP)
Time zone Philippine Standard Time
Drives on the left
Calling code +16

Country name: Redland

Currency: Peso

Language: Filipino, English

Continent: South Pole

President: Redidy R. Rewd

Vice President: KlutzBlack

Esrol Penyada (Assistant Vice President)

Yellow Slime Royo (Speaker)

Benjo Raoul (Congressman)

Alessandro Bernoulee (Congressman)

Berandeth Tyranos (Congresswoman)

Mariel Antonio (Congresswoman)

Maria High (Congresswoman)

Kind of island: Archipelago (The three little islands)

Denonym: Redlandian/Redinio

Fun Fact: Redidy and his troops helped Gary in his many inventions! Fact: Some Penguins are visting the Slimes Fact: The Three Little Island are thick and will never be broken even if the penguins are heavy and there are more places of Redland not that near from the country actually.

Recent Flag

Recent Flag:

Evolution of the Flags of Redland

More About Redland

Redland was the most peaceful country in the world until the Redland Civil War happened. It used to be a colony of Rockhopper Island until 2000 when Rockhopper Island granted it independence under the conditions that it will always have ties with Rockhopper Island until Rockhopper Island lets them go their own.


In 1720, Stonehopper II, Stonehopper's son, landed on North Redland Island, one of the Three Little Islands. Later he discovered South Redland Island and Stonehopper Island, which was named for himself. He then claimed all the islands for Rockhopper Island.


The military was small in Redland until the Redland Civil War. Its army only had 2,500 soldiers and was almost dependent on Rockhopper Island.


Transport is good with roads all over the country.


The government is fair and democratic.


It has the same culture as Rockhopper Island.


In igloo:

  • Silly
  • Pink
  • No one (Lol)
  • Lolz (copied cadence's puffle name)
  • Sky


  • Brownpuff
  • Roarz
  • Snow White
  • Fangs
  • Slushy
  • LuckyGold
  • Lazarus
  • Sharphead
  • Uno
  • Your Friend
  • Kittyz
  • Goldy:)
  • Skittles!
  • ShinyButter
  • ButterLord
  • orange
  • Yellow
  • Redtri
  • Black
  • Dug


1.Pizza Eating Contest trophy Choose Your Team!! Pizza Eating Contest trophy -Redidy
2.Redidy Penguin (talk)
3.You know its Redidy Penguin
4.Redland Needs You. -Redidy

Knowledge about the universe and others about me

  • There are about 52 universes in this world.
  • Herbert is an aqua penguin in a bear costume.
  • There are 83 dimensions.
  • In the future I will be a mascot.
  • Club Penguin is in the 13th universe.
  • Darkseid will soon takeover Club Penguin.
  • Disney will soon buy DC comics.
  • Protobot will team up with Darkseid and the other villains of Marvel and DC.
  • I helped Gary make the Time portal.

(This is just made up) Percentage of knowledge 56%

Quote of the Week

"As long as my pants are square and this Sponge is Bob! I will not let you down!"
— Spongebob Squarepants

                          See Previous Quotes


Please put your name below if your my friend:

If I was a Mod...

  • I would give you all Blue Leis.
  • I will get color old blue.
  • I will get Red Lei(and all items ever made except beta hat).
  • I would make a mascot called Shop Worker Like this user. Note:I really dont want to use Beta Hat (Party Hat).

Wikis Made

My favorite pages

(Actually all I see become my favorites)

My Quotes

"Replace "The cool never bothered me anyway" with "Elsa never bothered to sing again."" -Redidy Penguin

"I wanna be your lover, I don't wanna be your friend - TNK" - Redidy Penguin

My contributions

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Redidy Penguin is Catholic.

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1.This is the first fact
2.You can not tickle yourself
3.You just tried out number 2.
5. We skipped number 4
6. You can't count hair
8. You did not notice I skipped seven
9. You are reading right now
7. We went back to number 7
4. We went back to number 4
10. The word "word" is a word.

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