Rockhopper is a half easy penguin to see and get his background, I found him 3 times without even trying so hes half easy

Hes my Favourite penguin next to Gary and then its sensei

Heres Some tips on finding him:

  • Use Xat Chats, Don't Use Trackers Because One Person Updates Them By Hand Thats One Its A Whole Lot Different Searching With About 10-20 peeople.
  • He Must Be Easier To Find On His Next Visit Since The Club Penguin Team Relize That We Want To Meet Him So Much.
  • Hes Fatter Than Other Penguins.
  • He Might Be On 3 Bar Servers.

What He Looks Like

he might be on frozen or blizzard he barealy goes on club penguin so dont be mad about it

== Headline texth hes a penguin pirate

Rockhopper dancing

Rockhopper is fatter so he'll have more room

Awesome Rockhopper

Rockhopper and Yarr at the Pizza Parlour


This Is What Rochopper normal background looks like


Rockhoppers Plant background

rockhopper always has his puffle yarr hes red

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