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This Is Me

Im Called Rhysg9 I Could've Been Called Rhysg8 But I Put In The Wrong e-mail Address

This Is Me!

I Met:

Rochhopper Both Plants And Normal - Met 7 times

Penguin Band 2nd Background - Met 2 with Franky 1 With The Rest

Gary Right Side - 13 times

Sensei - 1 time

Candence - 2 times

I Need To Meet AA

Im 320 as of 25 of August

My First Pin Is The Lollipop Pin

I Have Armies

My Armies Page

My RH Tracker Guide

My G Tracker

Awards Page

Cadence2013 Rhysg9 has seen Cadence! Dance 'til you drop!
GameStick Rhysg9's favorite video game (in real life) is Metallica Guitar Hero.
Calendar Rhysg9 is 321 (or more) days old on Club Penguin!
Penguin Band Background photo Woo! How rocking! Rhysg9 has seen the Penguin Band!
White puffpic HUZZAH! Rhysg9 has seen the White Puffle in the wild! Amazing!

Male Rhysg9 is male.

Rhysg9 has decided to no longer visit or edit this wiki. If you are looking for help, please contact an administrator.

QUIZ This user completed the Sith Cub Quiz.
Shamrock Pin Rhysg9 has 26 pins.
=) Rhysg9's best friend is floppyj10!


2020 Updated Pin Tracker
No pin found!
Loading_Arrows.gif Club Penguin has been discontinued.
Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
Yearbook 2008-2009 snapshot
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Music Festival Band

This user is a Penguin Band fan!

The Sensei master Rhysg9 beat Sensei and got the ninja mask! Sensei is now jealous!
Firefox Rhysg9 uses the Firefox browser.
OTHER This user's other penguin is called Snotman300.
Ninja in-game Rhysg9 is a ninja!
Autism This user has autism.

Yukon falling This user is afraid of heights.
RHG! This user has joined the Rockhopper Gang!

EPF Logo
Rhysg9 is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
Hacker-Ninja BEWARE! Rhysg9 is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!

Red Tour Guide Rhysg9 is a Tour Guide on Club Penguin!

Membership Badge - Level 2 WOOT! Rhysg9 is a Level 2 Member on Club Penguin!
Sensei elements Rhysg9 has seen Sensei! Congratulations, Grasshopper.
Gary New Style Rhysg9 has seen Gary the Gadget Guy!
Sad Emoticon Rhysg9 is against the Massively Merry Aliens, and thinks dancing should be outlawed.
EPF Logo Rhysg9 is a top agent of the EPF.
Club Penguin Rhysg9 plays Club Penguin!

Sys Gary Rhysg9 is a fan of Gary.

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