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Hey penguins, My name is Bubblli, Aka Lollylove880 in club penguin. I joined CP in november 20th, 2009 and my penguin is about 1145 days old. I have the last membership badge, and i have forever membership, it just goes on and on. I currently have 461 friends which i am planning to mostly delete, and 7 penguins on my ignore list. My favourite party in 2012 was The adventure Party :) I am currently working on my new blog,

I have 2 puffles, Pinky and Jiggle. I do not feed them very often. Well, enjoy my profile! You're never too old for club penguin, i started when i was 8 or something, now i'm 13. PS. I HATE DISNEY, BUT I LIKE CP LOL.

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My awesome main igloo

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This is my penguin

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