I am very sad and will be leaving the Club Penguin Wiki and will be coming back in one-and-a-half years.
Thank you for visiting my page! I hope you enjoy it!!
This person is a descendant from Russia.
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My penguin

How I usually look

Hi, Everyone! Sammysk here. You can find me on Club Penguin as Drew Lee, most of the time on either Blizzard or Alpine, and I play on Club Penguin almost everyday. Below are things that involve Club Penguin and myself. I have every pin since the treasure chest. I am also the founder and webmaster of the terribly in need wiki, Zoo Tycoon Creations. If you know ANYTHING AT ALL about Zoo Tycoon and user-made downloads for ZT2, then please go and help! If you find any grammatical or spelling errors on this page, please fix them!

Я русский

And, also, sort of like Tigernose, my keyboard is odd. It's very new (I just got my laptop this summer), but the keyboard has little things rolling around below the keys, from who knows where. I think I've even seen a little seed bead in it and I've never used a seed bead in my life!! If I make any mistakes, it is because of my keyboard. Don't think that I am a bad speller, because I'm in the 6th grade, and I have the same spelling abilities as a 12th grader. Just put that in mind. (  :

Things about me (favorite things)

  • Singer: Yelle
  • Band: The Beatles
  • Food: Escargot
  • Color: Green
  • Language: French (Much, much, much easier to learn than English)
  • Animal: Peafowl
  • Favorite Computer Disc game: Zoo Tycoon 2
  • Favorite Website Game: Club Penguin (duh!!)
  • Song: Tristesse / Joie by Yelle

Odd things about me

  • My mother's side of the family is Jewish, my father's side of the family Russian Molokan (A Christian religion)
  • I like aloe vera drinks
  • I love school, but hate waking up to go to it
  • I love Zoo Tycoon 2 more than any other CD-Rom game, but I can never make a successful zoo.
  • I'm an 11 year old male, and I babysit.
  • I hate American music, and really anything in English.
  • The only music in English I like is 60's British Invasion Music.
  • I mainly like French music, but I also like Spanish, Russian, and Lithuanian music.
  • My best friend in the whole wide world lives in Lithuania, half-way around the world.
  • I hate all food cold (yes, even pizza) except for Thai food
  • I had cold Thai food for breakfast on Sunday, November 30, 2008
  • I'm half Jewish, not kosher, but I do not eat pork
  • Just the other day I figured out that Aunt Arctic is a pun of Antarctic
  • I'm ambidextrous
  • I am obsessed with the Romanov family, the Holocaust, and the Pleistocene epoch
  • I think X is a useless letter
  • My V 's look somewhat like U 's.

My heroes

Mohandas Gandhi

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Abraham Lincoln

Tsar Nicholas II ("The last Tsar")

Maxim Rudometkin (A spiritual leader of the Russian Molokans)

Oh, and how, how could I forget Jesus??

"Things" to be made:

Here is a list of pages, templates, and other "things" to be made.





Other "stuff":


Puffle Names:

Puffle turtleshroom

My new puffle, TurtleShroom!!

Red - Rockhopper

Red - Yarr

Pink - Lucy

Green - Gargon

Black - Boris

Blue - TurtleShroom

Favorite Things about Club Penguin

  • Puffles: Red Puffle, Green Puffle
  • Free Clothing Item: Propeller Cap
  • Clothing Item: Blue Jersey
  • Secret Clothing Item: Blue Viking Helmet
  • Penguin Color: Green (not dark and not lime)
  • Igloos: Backyard Igloo, Log Cabin, Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo
  • Mission: Number 7, Clock Work Repairs
  • One person game: DJ3K
  • Pin: Yellow Balloon
  • Wig: The Sunstriker


en This user is a native English speaker.

I speak English, some Russian, and French.

I am also developing a language called Mohû ("MOH-chhu," the "cch" said like "Bach"), so I guess that that would count also

Favorite words

  • "star" (it was my first word)
  • "pi"
  • "nerd"
  • "computer"
  • "internet"
  • "school"
  • "Floccinaucinihilipilification"
  • "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
  • "Antidisestablishmentarianism"

Other stuff about me

Well, I am a NERD

I know this much of pi by heart: 3.1415926535897932384328

I LOVE school

My favorite brand of chips are Kettle™ Chips. They're local! Right here from good 'ol Oregon


Oh! I love the Beatles. Well not the Beatles, but their music.

My favorite singer is Yelle

Let's see. What else.............................

I can't think of anything.

Well, this is a Club Penguin Wiki, so I'll go back to Club Penguin stuff.

Occupations on Club Penguin

  • Band Owner
  • Puffle Trainer/Keeper
  • Zoo keeper/Owner
  • Ski Lodge Owner/Reservationist
  • Good Party Thrower (That could be an occupation)
  • Home owner
  • Pet Shop Owner

The History of Drew Lee

Drew Lee was born on the Falkland Islands and he was part of one of the big penguin colonies there. He lived there for a couple of days. It was April 17th 2008, when he was three days old. There was a big storm. His mother was fishing and his father was "showing off" to the tourists. People will go to the Falklands rain or shine. Drew thought he could go swimming since it wasn't that bad. He soon got swept in a current and was heading south-- to Antartica! He was not expecting this. So there he is, barely knowing how to swim, floating in the Southern sea. He soon, luckily, found a big patch of seaweed and he clung on to it and he thought he could live off of the seaweed for a couple of days. It was more than a couple-- It was 10 days at sea, and he survived! He was still heading south, until he saw an Island full of penguins. He thought "Do penguins migrate? Oh, who cares. I see LAND!" He was ecstatic. It was then April 27th, the day he would be stuck on a snow ridden island for the rest of his life. When he got there, he was freezing. He was stuck there. On a cold, wet island. He wanted to go home, but he was happy he survived. He hasn't seen his parents since that horrid day (April 17th), but he is planning to call them soon. He still lives there and you can find him on the Blizzard or Alpine server.


The Red Puffles

Genre: Rock

Members: Krait1, Drew Lee


Genre: Folk (More specifically, Russian Folk)

Member: Drew Lee

Los tres pengüinos negro

Genre: Mexican Fiesta

Members: Drew Lee, Relunia, Beaujc


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Turtle dictatorship Sammysk
likes the Absoulte Energie, der gefürchtete Schildkröte-Pilz, Diktator der Penguin-Enzyklopädie!!! They Hail TurtleShroom, and as such, are Turtlenators!! Yeah!


— Sammysk

I don't believe in your beliefs, but I believe the right for you to believe them.
— Sammy K******* (real life Sammysk)

Seven!! The answer is seven!
— Drew Lee

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
— Buddha


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