• I was born on October 14
  • I am Sally Face.
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Your friendly wikihood rollback.
Your friendly wikihood rollback.
Voted best rollback of 2016!

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Welcome to Seth4564TI's userpage.

Hope you enjoy!

Your friendly wikihood rollback. Voted best rollback of 2016!

Penguin's Name Seth4564
Favorites Music Jam 2011,Dance Club,Card-Jitsu Snow
Member? No
First Pin Umbrella Pin
Famous Penguins Met No
Date Joined Wiki February 16th, 2012
Date Left Wiki N/A
Date Joined Club Penguin July 16, 2009
Admin? No
Notes N/A
2020 Updated Pin Tracker
No pin found!
Loading_Arrows.gif Club Penguin has been discontinued.
Thank you everyone for playing and making it a great one!
Yearbook 2008-2009 snapshot
Customize For public use In order to use, simply add {{Penguin-Pal Pin Tracker}}Customize InterfaceTools

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Poll 8

What should Seth4564TI get for his 17th birthday?

The poll was created at 00:26 on September 18, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.
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