• I live in Michigan
  • I was born on February 10
  • I am Male
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My current player card
Penguin's Name Shawn20009
Favorites Games and hanging with Friends
Member? Yes
First Pin Puffle O's Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rookie
Date Joined Wiki May 12, 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin February 2, 2009
Admin? No

Hello <insert name here>. My name is Shawn20009. I joined Club Penguin on Febuary 2, 2009. My first pin is the Puffle o's pin. I usually go on crowded servers or Sleet. I currently have 185 stamps. I've met only Rookie. One of my favorite things to do on Club Penguin is hanging out with friends, I also really enjoy helping out right here on the wiki! If you see me waddling around, feel free to say "hi" and add me if you want!

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