Card-Jitsu Earth
Players 2-4
Controls Mouse
Minigame location Earth Dojo
Date released Unknown
Date closed Unknown
One must complete one journey to become ready for a new one. A new element awaits beneath or above, no matter what, a ninja must be prepared for the Element of Earth!
— Unknown

Card-Jitsu Earth is a custom and an unreleased Club Penguin mini game. It is a multi-player game for ninjas who have mastered all the elements and therefore can learn the element of earth. The game uses different and more advanced cards than the Card-Jitsu cards. The game is presently designed only for members.


Card-Jitsu Earth is a small game play that uses unique cards and different tactics in the game. How the game works is that one side must get to the other side to win the game. If its a 2 player game then 1 person against each other must use attacks to stop the other from getting to the other side. Who ever crosses first wins. If its a four player game then there will be 2 players on each team. There are no three player game options in this mini Game. Once you have earned all your rewards, you will face Sensei in the ultimate Card-Jitsu Earth battle. If a player on a team gets to the other finish line then the player who crossed will get 5 points, the other player on the team will be rewarded with 3 points. Each player will get a health bar and attacks on a player can damage your health. If your health is completely damaged then you will return back to your starting point. A player can move 3 squares in any direction. If one player on each side is 3 or 2 squares apart from each other, then one player can attack the other if its their turn. A player will choose a card from any element for their attack. A person can lose or gain power by:

  • Losing a game will take a point off of you and your partner
  • Winning a game or crossing to the other side

An earth ninja will have to get 100 points and earn all their earth clothing to defeat sensei and become a full Earth Ninja.



  • When the game starts, you will be given random cards and cards that you have earned
  • The earth dojo is beneath and in the mountains of Club Penguin
  • Card-Jitsu Earth is a lost and hidden element in the Card-Jitsu Elements category
  • The earth symbol is on the back of the amulet along with other hidden and lost elements
  • The Card-Jitsu Earth Dojo will have a catalog in the bottom right corner that allows you to purchase new Card-Jitsu items and other Card-Jitsu Earth items.
  • This game is the only Card-Jitsu Elements game that doesn't allow a 3 person game
  • There are 5 new main attacks in the game
  • When 3 or more people do the special dance when you have the full Card-Jitsu Earth outfit on, the sky in the room will turn green


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