Shreyas swathi

aka Shreyas[not is my sis name.

  • I live in India
  • I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is No occupation. I am still 5th grade lol.
  • I am See my profile photo. If you still don't know, you are the loser.

My Player

My penguin with Jai ho.

My red Puffle- Jai ho
Penguin's Name Amax1[ my key clothes are green viking helmet and white parka.]
Favorites All in cp except sponsored parties.
Member? No[ I was for two times[One for free and other also free]
First Pin Besides the Rockhopper key, my first pin is Carabiner Pin
Famous Penguins Met Rockhopper (×2), Cadence, Sensei, Gary (×2), Rookie, Aunt Arctic (×2)
Date Joined Wiki January 2011
Date Joined Club Penguin Approximately 2006
Admin? no
Fair was really Fair!
— Amax1's quote after the fair 2014.

About my Penguin

Hello! I am Shreyas swathi! Most of you know me, right? Ok...lets get started with my introduction with my cp name. My cp name is Amax1[If you meet me in cp, please friend me! I am nearing 500 friends!I have 490 friends!] Oh forgot to mention my details in the info box. I have exactly 223797 coins! Thats equal to 223,797 coins! Cool, huh? I have 218/352 stamps.


  • I have 219/352 stamps. But please also note, I didn't do this for all by myself, but i used stamp adder.
  • I was using trainers. My first penguin, nenje, got the first ban when I was 1st standard. I knew to use youtube too. So I went to youtube and searched how to ban my penguin[though it was silly as i didnt know what is ban and what are the causes]. Then it came and I should type a sentence.[At first, I didnt know to distinguish from good or bad.But now i knew the bad words, but not their meanings. The four letter bad word came in the sentence but i didnt knew it.]
  • My first penguin, nenje, was banned because of the use of trainers then i stopped using trainers and started the account, Amax1, at 2010.

My favorite pages

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  • P-P Postcard Beta
P-P Postcard Beta open

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