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Hi! I am ShrimpPin!

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Hi! I'm ShrimpPin. I joined Club Penguin on February 24th, 2007 with my penguin, Reeze. I joined the wiki on February 13, 2011. I am a very experienced user and player and am willing to help anyone who needs it! I became an admin (promoted by Dopp) on May 17, 2011- making me the first admin of the "new era". I soon became a bureaucrat on June 2, 2011. I am currently on the Wall of Fame as well

I am not a member of the Template Team, yet I am very skilled in crafting templates as well as userpages. In my opinion, my templates are as good (or even better- heh heh) than the Template Team's. Just request one and I'll make it for you!

In real life, I play 1st trombone in my school's Honors Band (the top band). I also play piano, hand chimes, handbells, and am in my church's choir. I am a Baptist Christian and I live in Houston, Texas. I am very skilled in math (and pretty much every other subject) and have never gotten less than an "A" on any progress report/report card I've ever received.

June's shoutout goes to Roger6881!

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SPM (ShrimpPin Mission) #2- Go to this page: Template:(codeword)(codeword)(codeword)

Find the blank to solve the codeword. Chat ___ Calendar.

To see past missions, go here!

A hero rises from the ashes of the Template Team... A hero known as the Design Brigade! We can design everything that the Template Team can, plus more! Request ANYTHING you can imagine on my here! Anything at all!

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